One More Time

One more time, for another cowl.  This one can be looped around twice so it is going to look pretty good once it is finished.  Yesterday I spent some considerable time pondering what I wanted to cast on.  I want to make a wurm hat but could not commit to a yarn in my stash.  There are many projects I would like to cast on for (sweaters and triangular shawls) but I just could not decide for me.  However, picking a knit for my daughter it was easy peasy.

This yarn she chose two or three years ago at a fiber festival for a pair of socks.  Which as you can see I never became a pair of socks.  I thought a cowl was in this yarn's future to go with those legwarmers.  I am really loving the simplicity of the pattern.  Watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part one was a breeze!!

Our son is absolutely fine with less "wisdom", thanks for your well wishes!  It is truly amazing how resilient the body can be.  Of course the milkshakes were probably the best medicine (and the prednisone).  Our daughter goes back to her campus next weekend-such a short break.


  1. That yarn is gorgeous! I've yet to knit a cowl but I know one is in my future after seeing so many pretty ones. Plus, they tend to go quickly, which is always good.

    Glad your son is doing ok!

  2. I love that color Karen. Great work!

  3. Pretty yarn! The colors are so warm and snuggly :)

  4. Glad all went well with the wisdom pulling lol. And please keep us up to date on those lovely cookbooks you received--I have the superhealthy everyday, but that's it! And many best wishes to you in the new year and as your house clears of those big kids of yours!!

    ps your knitting productivity still floors me...

  5. Gorgeous color!!! Will you be able to finish it before she leaves???? (I've noticed--you're really a speed demon at times!!!)

  6. It sounds like you have the perfect plan for this yarn. Sometime it takes a bit of time for the yarn to speak. Glad your son is doing well.

  7. I love the yarn, such beautiful colours!

  8. Karen, why is it that we can knit for everyone else, but not ourselves? I finished my cowl, my daughter saw it, and now I want to give it to her! I really do like the colors of the yarn your daughter chose, I like orange!
    I'm so glad your son is doing well.
    And now I want a milkshake ;)!

  9. Beautiful yarn! Obviously its just been quietly biding its time in your stash for such a pretty project!


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