This weekend brought snow and some very very chilly weather.  Like wear your wool socks and wool scarves in the house kind of weather.  I snapped some photos and enjoyed the freezing cold air.

Because of my husband's affinity to sports, there was once again lots of football games to watch.  I barely listened and I sat and knitted away on my projects.  He'll ask me who I think will win, I'll ask who is the underdog (I always go with underdog).  Then we have a discussion about whether the underdog has a chance.  We have fun that way :)

Today I played hide and seek with Frodo.  I sneak up on him around corners of the kitchen and family room, he loves it and runs around and goes crazy.  A game that I can rely on to tire him out as he tends to have high energy.

Today was also a mashed potato-gravy-baked chicken-and yorkshire pudding day. There was corn served too and that is what made it healthy (besides not peeling the red potatoes).  I am serving up my son's favorite meals before he goes back to his campus next weekend.

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  1. I want to come to your home to play in the snow and play with Frodo! I play the same game with my Twinkie and he loves it!

  2. "He'll ask me who I think will win, I'll ask who is the underdog (I always go with underdog)." I always go with what uniform colors I think is prettier. :)

    Enjoy the snow! Apparently we're in the midst of a snow storm here, and I've yet to see one flake. I think the weather men here in the PNW get a little too excited to talk about anything that isn't rain.

    (ps: sorry if this comment came up multiple times. I was having trouble getting the 'publish' button to work with me!)

    xo, laura emily

  3. Lovely weekend! I love playing hide and seek with my Wolfie (the mini schnauzer that owns my parents). :)

  4. That sounds like my kind of weekend :-)

  5. We play a similar game with Cardamon. He runs around like a crazy dog and it never ceases to make us all laugh. He is rather lazy though and spends most of his time curled up asleep in his bed. The dinner you cooked sounds wonderfully hearty and tasty too. Jacinta

  6. oh haha, karen that sounds alot (almost exactly) like our weekend too! except we don't have snow, but the weather has been nice and cool. this morning we were on a hike early and it even rained a little!
    boy would frodo and owen have fun together!

  7. It was incredibly cold here as well, although cold for Vancouver is -1c. Love your new banner!

  8. Here, I felt the cold air and lovingly welcomed snow. And, Yorkshire pudding? Um, recipe?!

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend; woolen warmers, tasty food and what sounds like a fun game about football :)

  10. We have a lot of football around here on the weekends this time of year as well. (Well, every weekend since September, really!) It's the only time I let G turn the TV on over the weekends…

    That photo is just lovely! I can feel the chill just looking at it! No snow here, and none in the forecast for the week, but temperatures dropped below zero last night so I guess winter is finally upon us. xo

  11. That sounds like a very cozy weekend spent indoors. Lovely photo, too.

  12. Yummy! What a relaxing and lovely weekend!

  13. Sounds like just about how I watch football... unless, that is, the 49ers are playing. Turns out we missed them this weekend?!

  14. Love the walk around your home. Hope those woolen socks are handknit ones! :)

    P.S. - I'm having a terrible time trying to leave a comment. I asked my provider (Typepad) and they think it's a blogger issue. Could you check? I'm posting with my 'old' google account. I don't want to miss out being able to post on your blog.

  15. snow. sigh. so lovely. winter has been VERY evasive down here this year :(

    and yorkshire pudding...not sure i've ever had that but i'm curious. might have to look up a recipe and give it a go for my family!


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