My weekend was kind of boring but in a very good way.  We went for a drive on Friday and really enjoyed seeing the countryside.  As always the llamas (yes llamas) were basking in the mild weather.  I'd own a llama but I think my neighborhood would not appreciate one.  Sometimes I think my husband and I would like buy a farm when he reaches retirement.

Saturday was sitting and knitting.  We had a plain dinner-he had steak, I had left over millet patties.  The millet patties were better fresh, but still tasty.  Oh and ahem.....there were donuts again.  Could this be a weekend treat?  We watched two episodes of Star Trek.  We are almost half way through the first season.

Today we went to church and instead of paying attention I was totally focused on a man and his daughter behind us.  They were sniffing and coughing-the sound drove my husband nuts.  I was freaked out that I would catch it.  Why oh why do people go to church sick?  It is mostly old people at church (older than me, ha ha) they really do not need to have a nasty cold or the flu.  I do not need a nasty cold or flu.

Later today we will be watching "the game" and eating really yummy food! Chocolate chip cookies!

Joining Amanda


  1. I wanted llama's too, but my husband said no! I am now on the lookout for a milk cow and goat!
    I often wonder about people being sick at Mass too, it's not like you can get up and leave. Drink lots of water and get plenty of Vitamin C and garlic [it helps].

  2. Oh, you've brought up one of my pet peeves--sick people in church! Ack! It *is* distracting. I noticed that the people a few pews in front of us brought hand sanitizer with them to use after the "Sign of Peace"--I can't blame them.

    Llamas are nice. It must be nice to see them as you drive through the countryside. I would love to live on a farm, but my husband has no desire to be a farmer :-(

    That chocolate chip cookie batter sure looks yummy :-)

  3. Chocolate chips, yum!

    I too cringe at public coughers!

    I'm sure that you were protected in church from their cough and I hope that they benefitted or were healed from being there.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Take precious care,

    Katie xxx

  4. 1. I want to eat that cookie dough...real bad.

    2. It drives me NUTS when people go out while they're sick! It's not fair to the rest of us that would like to stay healthy...

  5. That cookie dough is making me drool! I am going to have to make some cookies ...lol.

    People snuffing drives me bonkers and why does anyone who has a bad cold go anywhere? Stay at home people!

  6. We watched Contagion this weekend, and I've been over the top conscious of coughing, sneezing, touching stuff, and hands near face.....these folks need to stay HOME!!!

    Long long and prosper!! (We're sort of Trekkie fans, too--particularly PapaGeek!!!)

  7. I held my breath at the store when a cougher turned my way yesterday. Sending you good healthy thoughts.
    I made chocolate chips cookies today, too. Mmm... wondering how long I can stick to enjoying my tea?

  8. I hate when people leave the house sick. A cough is one thing as theycan linger long after sniffles and fever, but fevers and sniffles - no way. Oh, and I love, love, love chocolate chip cookies

  9. i can't stand seeing or hearing sick people when i'm out and about! really can't stand it when the mamas bring their kids to the park and they've got green snot coming from the nose and a barking cough...not cool at all!

  10. all I can say is that cookie batter looks so yummy!!!!

  11. Okay so when your page opened up, like Pavlov's dog my mouth started watering. It's 8:30am and I've got chocolate chips on the brain lol!!!
    I use to really want alpacas. We even went to an alpaca farm (gorgeous creatures), and I think I almost had my husband convinced!! The couple that owned the farm were a successful business couple in NY, then picked up and left everything to raise Alpacas in Virginia. Who knows--maybe one day right?

    Sorry to hear about the sick people behind you! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you won't catch it!!


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