This weekend contained:

-our son arriving on Friday for his spring break just in time for a family dinner
-our daughter leaving today to go back to school
-the piano being played after a very long time of silence.  Funny when it is played constantly with the same songs over and over it can become repetitive.  But after weeks of no kids being home, hearing it being played was kind of nice.
-being unable to tell you what music that they played....The tunes sound very familiar but the titles completely escape me.
-endless hours (I am not exaggerating) trying to plan a family vacation-I am very very close but I doubt any decisions will be made today.
-the time change!!!!  Wasn't it hard getting up today?  Gosh.  I am going to enjoy the daylight in the evening, but it's going to take me a whole week to adjust.
-walking with Frodo, my faithful companion
-knitting with friends :)


  1. I bet that piano was happy to be played, too.

    Knitting with friends? Lucky you!

  2. Today I had no reason to be up super early (nor did Steve) so we enjoyed sleeping in! :) Chase was up early as usual (Lego building waits for no one).

    How wonderful that both kids were home at the same time, even briefly. Good luck with the vacation planning!

  3. It was sooo hardto get up. Tomorrow will be much worse. Enjoy the music and your family.

  4. I wish someone would play my piano!
    How wonderful to have your whole family under the same roof, if only for a little while. Did you survive the mess? :)
    We haven't even talked about a vacation yet, you are really on top of things!

  5. Sounds lovely. Your children are so fortunate to be able to come 'home.' Hope you adjust to the time change soon. It is so easy the other way around! I'm looking forward to our weather getting cooler so I can knit. Katie xxx

  6. what a fine weekend!!! i really miss the piano playing, too--our piano went to live with our son when we downsized. (He was the only one who played--now he and 3 of his children play--it was worth the move!)

    it's our year for a family vacation--all 13 of us!!!!! Holden Beach for us. What are you looking at?

  7. vacation planning sounds fun! great picture of the keys too... my weekend is a blur. but, a highlight was taking walks and not feeling like my uterus was falling out anymore. was that tmi? sorry...

  8. it takes me an entire week too! i hope your vacation planning plans get made. and your kids coming home. sigh. enjoy xx lori

  9. Your weekend sounds sublime. Love that shot. I have a hard time with DST (or whatever it is). I figure that eventually it gets very, very light in the evening no matter what the clock says so why bother with all of the adjusting.
    You vacation plans already sound exciting!

  10. yeah, stupid time change. i hate the spring time change.

    can't wait to hear about your vacation plans. must be fun to plan and research and then head off to relax :)

  11. Oops, I just thought I'd lived today on the wrong time. But we're not changing for another two weeks (I had to google it!) :)

  12. I'm sure it was lovely to hear your piano played again. My mother always loves when we visit her and play for her. Good luck with the vacation planning.... that is always so fun!

  13. I love the photo of your piano....I tried so hard to have my children play piano and was not very successful in that endeavor..so congratulations! A great skill to have to have taught your children...looking forward to seeing your new knitting creations!

  14. I love the photo! My daughter is learning piano while we are here at my parent's house, and it's wonderful to hear my grandmother's piano being played again... even if it is repetitive! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


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