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I am finding myself wishing away the summer already and it has only just begun.  If the temperature would stay in the high seventies all summer long, I don't think I would be having romantic notions of fall (and winter).  Staying in the present is best achieved by appreciating snippets of the season.  

My summer appreciation list:

sunny skies, bare feet, painted toes, cold drinks, AC (that's a cheat but I'm listing it), long days, grilling most of dinners, watermelon, blueberries, swinging on the swing, butterflies, capri pants, ice pops, ice cream, cicada sounds, cricket sounds, smell of cut grass even though it makes my nose runny,  kids are home for summer vacation and small knitting projects.

I feel like such a positive thinking person now!!

This photo was taken in the early morning while I went to get the newspaper.  Frodo even let me stop to snap!  Yesterday afternoon there was a bird chirping away on the grass, one that I did not recognize.  I think this weekend I'll do some internet research to identify it.  Just when I think I've seen all wild life something new comes along.  Of course I did not have the camera with me.  Even if I did have my camera, I do not own a super duper zoom lens.....but still it would make it easier to identify than using my memory.

What is on your summer appreciation list?


  1. I am trying to be appreciative Karen, but when the temperatures are in the 100's it's hard.
    I do love the smell of the beach, the sound of the waves as they break upon the shore, lemon Italian ice, light summer reading, swinging in the hammock, eating fresh tomatoes just picked from the vine and dragonflies.
    I love this post and would love to do one next week on my blog if you don't mind?
    I hope you have a fun weekend and stay cool.

  2. So appreciative of being able to be outdoors and playing in the summer. AZ summer is often spent in AC. Here we can still go to the park and enjoy being outside. There is loads of shade and always a breeze. It is just perspective I guess. Oh and watermelon. love it.

  3. Love the rainbow in the picture :) Beautiful! I can feel that humidity though ;) We will all blink and Fall will be here before we know it! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for all the positives you listed!

  4. I love this post, too. I'm not far behind you with struggling to stay in the moment, though. Must be the heat/humidity. I do much better when it's dry and in the high 70's, as well! So, yes...this is a nice reminder to slow down and appreciate what is right in front of me...and I thank you for that ;) Today appreciating the end of the work week and start of vacation, fresh greens and fruits, lazy weekends and those adorable little grands of mine :) Happy Weekending!

  5. my list is very similar to yours....and I, too, must make one; fortunately we're not home this week where the temperatures are climbing into the triple digits all week. The heat and humidity and I don't fare well together.

  6. I'm feeling a little bah-humbug due to the complete absence of summer where I am ;)

    I miss the feeling of sun on my skin (preferably non-humid!) and the smell of coconut sunscreen ;)

  7. As I sit here in front of the fan anticipating the moment when I'll have to pick up a sweaty baby ... it's tough for me to appreciate the summer! But thanks for the positive outlook! :)

  8. plain and simple: sleeping in and not having to get the kids to bed early.
    have a great weekend!

  9. Lovely. I'm with you... wishing it would cool some so that we can turn the AC (though I am beyond thankful for it!) off and open the house. I'm feeling closed in! But... there's so much to be grateful for, isn't there? Including just this house!

  10. Love your photo, so serene. My summer appreciation list includes hiking, picnics, quiet early mornings, three meals a day outside, fresh food from the backyard, less routine and more go with the flow, butterflies, fireflies and my little man tuckered out at the end from being outside all. day. long.

    Have a lovely weekend Karen.

  11. I know what you mean - I keep having to remind myself of the good things as we go into July here in the Midwest. I felt like I was breathing in soup yesterday. Thanks for the uplifting post! :) I'll keep it in mind as I patiently wait for fall...

  12. long hot days full of golf and grilling and fireflies and fun... I do love me some summertime!

  13. Beautiful picture! Even though it has been ridiculously hot here in Denver it is still the most beautiful place to spend the summer. I am reminded of that every week when I fly off to work. Coming home makes me appreciate that!

  14. Your list has left me feeling all nostalgic! My list would definitely include lightning bugs, warm evening breezes, tomatoes, iced tea (no sugar!) thunderstorms and watermelon:)

  15. A wonderful list of things to be thankful for. This weekend I was grateful for summer storms bringing much needed rain and relaxing rhythmic sounds.

  16. Beautiful photo! Hope you stay cool...AC is not a cheat!


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