My weekend contained:

-shopping for back to campus supplies-my favorite item-post it notes for post it mosaic wall art (this is one of my son's many hobbies)
-relaxing on Saturday waiting for my husband to return from a trip
-ordering pizza out!  (very lazy this weekend)
-Oh the laundry!! I am still working on it but the end is near
-meeting with friends for knitting, laughing, and catching up
-feeling a scratchy throat as soon as my husband declares having one
-wondering if it's germophobia or not
-finding THE perfect pair of casual sneakers to replace a four year old pair that I adore
-looking at the budget and gearing up for the great "no spend" mind set once the kids leave
-husband cooking curry today even though he feels icky, hence the photo above.

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. if i even begin to feel a tickle in my throat or the slightest hint of scratch, is start taking emergen-c twice a day. usually knocks it out.

    curry? yum. i'm coming over because dinner tonight is in the mr.'s hands and that is sorta scary. $10 says he orders takeout instead of cooks ;-)

  2. gosh, I should have pulled this up earlier......and then come over for curry. it was breakfast-for-dinner here. boring.

  3. I love the post it mosaic wll, hahaha!

  4. We also had pizza...Papa Murphy take-n-bake. Always good. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your "scratchy throat" doesn't get worse. Wnjoy the week.

  5. It's all about the good shoes.
    And ginger tea with honey for the throat, though hopefully the curry will have knocked that right out.

  6. Both pizza and curry sound just dandy! :)
    Ronnie xo

  7. We got pizza too. I love curry - Yum! I call it sympathetic illnesses. I would follow amanda's advice. I do the same. A post-it mosaic sounds intriguing.

  8. Yum! Curry is my ultimate favorite :) Hope he is feeling better! We had a fun weekend, but I'm looking forward to the quiet week ahead. Happy Monday to you :)

  9. Oh, curry. Yum! Knowing what you mean about a spending freeze and glad you found your sneakers before you started that :)

  10. really? you are nearing the end of your laundry??
    I'll send mine over then.
    ; )

  11. Oh, the laundry...... sounds like you had a yummy weekend. Hope you don't get that sore throat!

  12. My husband is the germophobe here. If one of the kids "comes down with something" he's the first to say "I think I'm getting sick" as momma, I kind of roll with it. I hate piles and piles of laundry. Good luck!

  13. Does laundry have an end?!

    I have a son with germophobia ... the minute anyone mentions they think they might be coming down with a cold he starts sneezing!

    Guess you're safe from head injury from Frodo ... the whippets weigh a good 30lb and at full speed travel at over 30mph! When a whippets head collides with your forehead you're in trouble! I have a brow like Neanderthal woman just now!

  14. We did a lot of eating out this weekend too, which is sooo not like us. Isn't it difficult to replace shoes that you love?

  15. We had pizza this weekend, too. At 11 pm at night, while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic. How decadent! (I know, we really do like to live on the edge!) Ha! Such a treat, though...we never order out. It's the little things in life that count, right?!

    Ugh...now my throat feels scratchy...hehe

  16. haha, I like your son's hobby! That sounds really interesting...any pictures?
    I really hear you on that laundry bit. It never ends.
    Oohh, and tell me more about that curry?

  17. AHHHH! The shopping...are you done? I feel so overwhelmed. Any secrets that might help?


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