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We were out for a walk yesterday and even though it's still cold like winter, I'm seeing signs of spring. Down by the pond the ducks are active and chasing each other.  Seems to me they are swimming more instead of hiding.  Frodo would love to catch one, I'm not sure what he would do with it when he caught it.  Some of our bushes and trees are slowly budding-another sign.  I will admit that I'm looking forward to some milder weather.  Just not hot weather.

Yesterday Frodo was barking in the back yard, he's vocal that way.  I decided to see what was the fuss.  I couldn't believe it!!  He was barking at my elusive woodpecker that I've been trying to find in the mornings.  He's a beautiful bird, and I quickly ran to get the "good" camera.  Now I have two drawbacks.  First off, I do not own a zoom lens....yet.  It's on the list of purchases.  Secondly, I am not a stealth person which means I would fail ninja training.  So when I ran outside excitedly and noisily, he flew away.  IF I had the zoom lens I could have stayed on the step and shot the photo from there.  I have plans to start lens shopping and I will get a photo-I must!

Our son leaves on Sunday to go back to school.  We've had a great week, all of his favorite meals were made and we've managed to eat at a few favorite restaurants.  


  1. I am on the look out for a nice zoom lens too, but oh my they are a little pricey, buying one would seriously cut into my yarn money.
    Maybe you and I should take a ninja class together. I have been trying to capture a picture of a cardinal [I have dozens that live here] and always end up with a blur.

    Please tell Frodo that ducks have little teeth all around their bills and they bite, so he should just leave them alone and be content with woodpeckers.

    I know you're going to miss your son, but not the mess. Enjoy the weekend Karen.

  2. LOL....ahhh, the stealth of a ninja. I completely understand that. We have a ninja in training that visits every weekend.:) Ninja class probably would be fun but Tracey has a point about cutting into the yarn budget. Hmmm, conundrum.

    It does sound like a very good week though with favorite meals in and restaurants visited! I'm glad you had time with both your kids ~ they really are what makes the world go round, aren't they?! Have a great weekend :)

    p.s. more snow arrived last night! Crazy, crazy weather!

  3. Aww, I'm sure Mr. and/or Mrs. Woodpecker will be back for a photo shoot :)
    My mom also tries to make all my favorite meals when I visit home, I love it!!

  4. Glad your week was so sweet with your son! I too am in need of some ninja moves and zoom lens, the possibilities would be endless for taking pictures of my boys :) they act so much more natural when they dont realize I'm looking through a camera at them :) Happy Friday!

  5. I always do the same thing with wild life....get so excited that I scare them all off. Hope you have a nice weekend with your son sounds like it was good.

  6. I'm so glad you've had a great visit. I swear I put on weight when mine comes home from trying to make sure he has all his favorites. Evidently his favorites are my hips favorites :) Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I've never seen your son!

    My dog broke loose the other day and chased all the geese from next door. I was worried about the geese, but the got her good.

    I was lucky and a friend of mine gave me a long lens last year that was her husbands. I got a quick shot of my mysterious chickadee but I was trying so hard before it flew away that I didn't get a very good photo.

    I love the woodpeckers!!

    Let's hope for a nice spring and not a straight shot to summer!

  8. I would love a zoom lens too! One of these days. :)

    Glad you've enjoyed a great visit with your son!

  9. No worries about that elusive woodpecker, I am liking that photo you posted.

  10. Our woodpeckers don't stand still for more than a few seconds. It'll be exciting when you get your photo.

  11. A zoom lens is on my wish list too...one day. Sounds like a lovely week with your son. Happy weekend.

  12. I'm looking forward to that spring weather too!!

  13. Ninjaaaaaa! Your walk sounds like a hoot. I am wishing for a macro lens my own self. ;)

  14. Enjoyed catching up with your blog, Karen. Love that cardigan that you are making!

  15. what a sweet post :) looking forward to your woodpecker image capture :)

  16. I cannot wait to see a picture of your woodpecker. I know you'll get one, one of these days! xo


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