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I thought you would like to see Frodo's enemies.  There they are basking in the sun while Frodo was still at the kennel.  Unfortunately for the rabbits he is now safely home and this afternoon he will once again bark and disturb their zen life.  This weekend was spent in the car, a lot.  I find I'm getting tired of long car rides and traveling.  But this sacred place is not where I want to whine so....onto the happy!

This is our garden.  We have spinach and lettuce sprouting-both my favorites.  We have rabbit proofed one raised bed so our produce is safe from those pesky nibblers.  I'm dreaming of salads to be once we can harvest!

Remember my rotting tree stump that I think is beautiful?  Well....someone has been at it.  Look at the whole that is on the side of it!!  We are thinking it was a bear-the stump has been active with ants since last autumn.  The wood chips are at least 1 inch big so I'm doubting it was a woodpecker.  I wish I knew but I don't want to see the bear if there is one..  Might be a bit dangerous!

Thoroughly enjoying being home and it's simple comforts that make me happy :)

How was your weekend?

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  1. did you have a great visit with family??? hope there was a bit of car knitting---that truly is the only thing that gets me through long car trips (I feel so sorry for folks who get car sick knitting--or reading; that would totally do me in!)

    at least your garden has a fighting chance with vigilant Frodo on patrol!!! I'm waiting for the birds to start eating the itty bitty strawberries peeking out of my plants....won't be long before either they or I have some!

    have a great week, Karen!

  2. I just love when seeds start to edible flowers are on the way safe on the front porch away from the rabbits. Yours look do look very zen. Spinach and lettuce are favourites with me too. They will be perfect for your thirty day vegan diet. I would like to do it one day too. I do still do my one day a week vegan diet, often more than one day but I never seem to have time to write up all the recipes.

    How scary about the would be amazing to see and catch on camera. They are beautiful animals but do be careful.

    We had a good weekend too...not so much knitting but with family and friends and so lots of cooking, eating and talking...

  3. The rabbits look like they own the backyard! Frodo better get back on duty. I see why you had to rabbit proof your garden! Looks like you have a nice crop growing...I sadly didn't get to plant a garden this year but thankfully have a friend that shares her veggies with me!

  4. The rabbits look so peaceful! We don't have many... the neighborhood dogs have run them all off. I would be cautiously curious about the bear too! Be sure to snap a pic if you see him and can do so safely!

  5. I did think that it was funny... a picture of contented, basking bunnies and then the newly sprouting greens. Glad to hear that you are rabbit-proofed. Now, put my mind at ease and tell me how you are bear-proof! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. I know those bunnies are a pain but they sure are cute in pictures. I have not had to deal with bunnies and garden ever and hope I never have to. Glad you had a nice weekend even if it was spent in a car.

  7. it is always good to get away for a little while so that you can come home and appreciate it :)

  8. Oh those bun-buns are darling! We have a few in our backyard who come out in the evening and our pup just goes nuts over them. With our impending move to a very wooded home-site I am thinking that a small critter proofing fence is a must if we will ever hope to enjoy the fruits of a our labor!

  9. Those rabbits are so sweet, we have 3 that roam our garden, they are so friendly, every night when I feed the chickens, they run over for some food. Your veggies look nice and healthy, I wonder what's been eating your tree?
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. The picture of the rabbits made me laugh...sort of lounging on their sides. The ones in our yard are tense and furtive- nothing like that! :) On Monday we spent the day in Lynchburg with grandparents, nieces, nephews...lovely.

  11. Oh those rabbits look so comfortable :) Love seeing those little sprouts coming out of the ground, so much goodness to come. Enjoy!

  12. Bold little rabbits, aren't they?! Or smart...taking advantage of Frodo's absence! Your garden looks much like ours. Oh,, I'm mistaken...we have no green yet. :) But will soon!

    Have a great week!

  13. Wow, look at those rabbits napping right out in the open, without a care in the world. We watched a rabbit munching grass in our front lawn tonight. I wondered if it was the same one that chewed a hole through our wood fence and ate up all of our broccoli. Wascally Wabbits!

    But, still, I'll take bold rabbits over big bears any day!

  14. Those rabbits are huge! We don't see many rabbits around our yard. Most of the neighborhood has dogs. There are a lot of rabbits that live in the parking lot at work. Frodo will have to get to work to keep them outnof your garden.

  15. Long amounts of car-time can be a drain (though I don't mind as much if I'm in passenger/knit mode). The rabbits better enjoy their leisurely rest. LOL! Frodo will not be pleased if they try that while he is home. Your garden is looking great; I know you will enjoy its fruits. blessings ~ tanna

  16. How wonderful! I am so jealous of your garden! I hope that someday we can have our own, but for now, it's city living for us! However, our apartment has many other good qualities, so I am grateful for that! Also, cute bunnies, even if they are Frodo's enemies and try to eat your lettuce!

  17. I love the scenes from your tidy garden! I have a few things planted but can barely keep up with the weeding!


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