My weekend:

-I have a clean house-clutter is managed, laundry is caught up
-said goodbye to our son, who made the clutter free house possible
-homemade pizzas with mushroom red pepper and black olives
-many walks with THE perfect balance of humidity
-starting the lace edging on my mammoth lace shawl
-teeny tiny voice questioning if there is enough yarn-ssh don't ruin the knitting moment
-Frodo after a beauty session with the groomer-so handsome!

how was your weekend?

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  1. Great minds think alike - we made pizza yesterday, too. ;-) I had a lot planned for the weekend, got some of it done, but had to take it easy since I've hurt my back somehow last week. :-( Taking it easy doesn't come easily to me...

  2. Hello- mr. Handsome!
    ...had to chuckle at your little voice- heard that one a few times my self. Sounds like a really nice and soothing weekend Karen- who knows it might just transfer into a the week ahead.
    Have a good one :)

  3. Frodo looks extremely handsome and you can tell from his expression that he knows it!

    Don't even think you won't have enough yarn, of course you have more than enough so no worries on this beautiful Monday morning.

  4. HI, Frodo!!! You handsome dog, you!!! Sounds like a great weekend, Karen! Happy reclaiming of your space!! I know you hate to see them leave....but that's exactly what we bring them into the world to do.

  5. Look at that handsome boy! We had a great weekend. It was too darn short though!

  6. Look at you Frodo, so handsome :) I have this feeling there is just enough yarn.

    Have a lovely day.

  7. Frodo is so handsome!!! And boy does he know it too! Thinking happy thoughts on the yarn....you'll have just enough I'm sure!

  8. oh that blasted voice. shush! knit on, sister, knit on. there will be enough yarn!

  9. wow...sounds good. I could use a weekend to fit in a total house cleaning and de-clutter! Hopefully this coming weekend.

  10. It always makes me smile to see Frodo pop up on my sidebar!! He IS a handsome guy with his new cut!

    Loved your last post, Karen. It is amazing how we can rush by such serene moments if we don't discipline ourselves to focus on them. And, I loved your thoughts on redefining yourself in this next season of life. It is certainly different... and, you said it best when you jumped on that denim jacket with the "not getting any younger" statement! Yep, we might as well carpe diem. ;) I want to see the shawl! I haven't been to check Ravelry yet... I'm sure I've been missing out! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Your house sounds lovely full of order and calm. It's such a good feeling. Perfect for sitting down and knitting...wish I could join you.

    I'm sure you'll have enough yarn to finish, but if not maybe you could do a contrasting border...I've noticed Lori sometimes does that and it always looks lovely.

    Love Frodo...he is very handsome.

    I agree with Tanna about your last post too. I think the denim jacket will be so useful perfect for Autumn. I'm planning autumnal knits as we change seasons too.

    Our weekend was unpacking and washing a bit like yours.
    Have a great week.

  12. Sweet Frodo! What a handsome guy! You know, I *always* question whether I have enough yarn as I near the end of my projects - and I always do. :) I hope it's the same for you and this project - and I suspect it is!!

  13. There must be something in the air! I've been hearing that voice, too...
    Cute doggie photo!


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