The Necessities of Life

As promised, here is a photo of the "sponge", you know the one I posted about over here.  This post it note creation beauty is an origami menger sponge.  I just don't know what my son will be doing with all of his free time now that the construction is finished.

Did you know we have snow?  I hope to snap some photos later today, but yesterday it was so pretty to watch.  Even though wet snows are the best for snowman making, dry snows are the prettiest to watch.

January first, on a brand new day of a brand new year found me early in the morning attempting to make coffee and crack open a journal with a new pen.  Unfortunately, very very unfortunately, we had NO water.  No water from our well system because the well pump decided to die.  Yesterday the well pump was replaced and water was restored by mid afternoon.

So I bring you my gratitude list:

-for the company that answered my desperate call and came out on New Year's day to assess
-for the company that arrived at 7:30 a.m. yesterday to repair
-for friends who let us take showers and fill up every available jug for our drinking water for the day
-for our pool and all of those pesky chemical pool buckets that my husband fails to recycle-we had ample water to flush the toilets
-for pizza!!!!
-you know I like to get out of cooking but this was a tad too rustic of a reason
-for this list
-for humor because I could have cried without it

May your weekend be filled with running water, electricity, and heat :)


  1. Oh, the fun that comes with living in winter! :)

  2. What a start into the new year... I'm glad the company you called acted so quickly and you now have running water again. Hope it's smooth sailing for you from now on. :-)

  3. Congratulations to your son on his colorful Menger sponge! To help fill his free time, here are plenty of suggestions from the Mathematical Paper Folding Exhibit:
    I think the Single Cut Origami is challenging, and some of the Curved Crease Origami is just beautiful.

    So glad you had running water restored quickly! I'm always grateful for running water, electricity, and heat when I've been without them. Here's hoping we all get to keep those during this storm and below zero temps.!

  4. Not having water (and coffee) is the worst! I'm so glad that yours was restored quickly. : )

    I *LOVE* your son's Menger sponge--very cool.

    I am in snow heaven today and loving it.♥

  5. that sponge thing is totally amazing!!! (I had to look up menger sponge...i still don't understand it) No water???!!! What a bummer. I'm so glad you were able to find someone to help so quickly...truly something to be quite thankful for.
    Stay toasty....we're expecting single digit weather all next week----and my daughter just said she heard we could get up to 11" of snow. Here??? That's insane. We'll be house bound for months!!! (I have enough knitting, though, to get me by.)

  6. Hello Karen!

    I would agree with Susan above: doing without water AND coffee is a sorry way to start the year/day! I'm so glad it's all been sorted out for you.

    Happy, peaceful, creative 2014 to you, dear Karen, and your loved ones of course! May this year be full of knitting too. And I love your lacy knit in your previous post. That is such a beautiful colour. Oh, and The Lavender Garden looks appealing. Would you let me know what you think of it once you've read it, pleae?


  7. You started the year with no water and I started with the tummy flu.
    You're right, laughter does help in these situations. Even if after the fact.

    Wow. Your son is quite creative. I'm engineering or art major?

  8. What a cool sculpture- sponge, very creative!
    I hope everything is back on track in your household- there is nothing worse than loosing power and water- especially in winter.

  9. Our well ran dry at our last house and I don't even want to discuss how long it was until we had the town water hook us up. All I can say is that I am grateful that our neighbors let us run the hose from their house to ours for those few weeks. Yes - I did say weeks. That sponge is so cool!!

  10. Oh what a start to the New Year! I'm so glad it was quickly fixed and that you have such good neighbors. And pizza is always something to be thankful for. I'm thankful we found a good pizza place while my parents were down here for Christmas. (My hometown is very Italian and so I have VERY high standards for pizza.) I hope your weekend is much more peaceful and simple.

  11. Hey Karen, I had water issues over last weekend! A tap refused to turn off so we had to turn all the water in the house off whilst we went away for the weekend and when we came back it wouldn't turn back on and fill up the tanks! Fortunately I have a garden tap that bypasses the tank so we could still wash in buckets and flush toilets :)

  12. Good old country living, eh? That is the hardest part when the power goes out water from the well. I can live without the power, but that water, that is hard. Glad you made it through and that you had a shining light on your side with those repair guys :)

    Have a lovely weekend Karen.

  13. I'm so glad your water is restored. You have such a great disposition about these trials and inconveniences, really reminding us to tap into the positives of these moments. I like it! The sponge is super cool, and I have to wonder if your son will fill his free time with another craft!

  14. Oh yes, running water is always nice.
    Happy New Year to you dear friend.

  15. What a lovely idea to start the year with a gratitude list. I'm so glad that you have water.

  16. That is very interesting construction your on did! That sucks about the well pump. I know about that, but luckily mine s not for house water, it is for my sprinklers. Glad you got everything fixed!

  17. We take for granted so many of the daily resources that we enjoy. Yours is a sweet reminder to appreciate them. Glad you had good folks to attend your needs!!

    That Sponge is amazing! blessings ~ tanna

  18. Oh my goodness, that origami is amazing. I've never had the sort of patience that takes.

    So glad your water problems were cleared up quickly - how nice that someone was able to come out on New Year's Day; I would probably have resigned myself to having no water until Thursday... Happy New Year to you, my friend (albeit a few days late). xo

  19. What a great list, especially in the face adversity! I live in fear of well issues. And yes, you never really do appreciate water until its not available! ;)

  20. I so appreciate you and your zeal for life, Karen. You took a bad situation and made an adventure out of it! Glad that the pump has been replaced and everything is back in order again. And I love the sponge your son made!


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