Exploring the Town Weekend

On Thursday we left for a long weekend at my sister's house.  My husband had work on Friday at a hospital in downtown Pittsburgh so we mixed a family trip in with the business.  Many times we are in the city and mostly we get together with family.  This trip we squeezed in a visit to the Carnegie Natural History Museum and the Art Museum.  I have been to these museums as a child, teenager, young adult, young mother and etc.  I vaguely remember having lunches in the cafeteria on field trips.

A few facts about my weekend:

-I did not take many photos with the iphone, and I did not take any at all with the Nikon.  I was living in the moment and being a little lazy.

-I did not go yarn shopping!  Sadly when January rolls around I am done in with the shopping and acquiring of objects this includes yarn.  I promise though I shall recover :)

-I had home made meals, meals at restaurants but my favorite meal was taking my sister out for lunch on her birthday-just the two of us!

-I daydreamed about a huge reorganization of my main floor.  Yesterday I started.  I broke down and purchased a new shelving unit for the foyer.  Below are my efforts so far.  The kitchen will be next...

-Our daughter is at her apartment and soon she will start her last semester of law school!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Karen- sans the camera- excellent....be in the moment. Your shelving unit looks great- it's wonderful what re-organizing does. Started on Foghorns room this weekend- battling on to the kitchen this week.

  2. Living in the moment, oh yes, I understand.
    I am with you on not acquiring more items, I wish I could gut my home and just bring in the bare items.
    I love your new shelves, very pretty.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I do miss having my family close by, what I wouldn't give for an impromptu visit with my mom or my sister! The shelf looks great, can't see what you else you are going to do.

  4. I did not take a single picture either. I was living in the moment as well I guess! I like the shelving unit. I am going to get one of those for my fiber corner. I think it will make such a difference. I'm not buying any yarn until the Rhody Yarn Crawl in April. I have more than enough to keep me busy!

  5. Your weekend sounds wonderful...especially taking your sister out for her birthday...just the two of you! Love that! Your shelving unit is quite nice! You are going from dreaming to action...I need to catch up (I'm still in the dreaming stage!) . Have a wonderful week, Karen!

  6. That museum sounds fascinating.The shelf units look amazing. Can't wait to see the kitchen.We are back to sorting out and decorating with the planned move in mind. It's such a great light feeling getting rid of things that have no use or sentimental value.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm in serious need of some new bookcases (we ditched 3! when we left Canada and haven't replaced them yet - I have major guilt about all the books in boxes still, especially since the Bigger Boy has been devouring books lately.) Maybe this coming weekend... ;-)

  8. I love the new bookshelf and the organization! Good job. Birthday lunch with just you and your sister sounds just perfect. Sounds like a fun weekend in Pittsburgh. That is where my oldest son lives at the moment. Enjoy your week.

  9. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I love that shelving unit. Yay for organizing!

  10. What a great weekend! Natural history museums are my favorite. A friend and I were talking this afternoon about living more in the moment--one of my goals for 2014. I'm glad you got to spend time with your sister on her birthday. Your new shelving unit looks great--I love how you have arranged your books, and the baskets look so stylish and pretty.

  11. What? No yarn shopping? Great shelf organizing unit. I hope it helps!

  12. Hello Karen, yes, it's good to leave the camera behind, or sometimes how it looks on a camera and in real life are two different things! Whenever I'm out taking photos, I always remind myself to enjoy what I'm looking at too and spend some time absorbing the scenery :)

  13. Yep, leaving the camera behind sometimes is a good thing... especially when visiting with folks you love. ;) That shelf looks great. LOVE the way you have the books placed and I am looking forward to seeing more. blessings ~ tanna

  14. Glad you had a great weekend! I've been leaving the photography to others lately, lol


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