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I finished moving stuff about on the main floor.  The process took all day long and I'm sore from carrying piles of papers and folders up and down stairs.  I keep way too much "stuff" but at least I'm tidy and neat about it.  Now my studio is a mess but that's another day.  Along with rearranging comes moving little visual corners about in my home.

The kitchen pantry has been reorganized as well and lucky for me I have found some items that will definitely be on the menu rotation.  Speaking of menus, since we are down to two people instead of four it occurs to me that our diet will be healthier and cleaner.  Goodbye cookies, cakes, and candies.  Hello, fruits, vegetables and various grains!

Today I'll be starting a new knitting project.  Of course it will be lace weight yarn made lovingly by a dear real life knitting friend.  She used plant dyes to create her yarns.  Mine is beets :)  LOVE this!!
Do you see the sweet little paper clips in the shape of birds?  I had to buy them.  Just had to.  They whisper the promise of spring and I smiled when I saw them.


  1. I love your pictures. In order to get ready for the after baptism party this weekend! I took all stacks of "stuff", piles of toys and anything cluttering spaces and put it all in closets. I love my downstairs right now! It looks so much bigger! And so much neater! And I can breath better with these empty spaces! When I start to get twitchy that there are big messes in my closets I just look at the clear tables and breath better. I will clean out one closet at a time but try not to clutter everything up so quickly. And Ree has already been asking for so e toys that are still hidden. But one at a time. There is something so nice about having some clear space around :-)

  2. Love seeing your corners! I feel like I rearrange my "stuff" quite often, too. But it reminds me what I have, so that I can find it when I need it.

  3. Those paper clips are really cute!
    I'm with you on the diet changes.
    Getting greener each day that the holidays are further behind us.

  4. I am inspired Karen- good for you ....and good for you spreading this lovely encouraging organizing journey that you are on.
    Love your " neat" pictures.

  5. Our household is shrinking from 4 to 2 when our visiting kids leave this weekend, so I'll be doing next week what you're doing this week. Thanks for providing some lovely inspiration for reorganizing, cleaning out, and diet changes! I'd love to reward myself with those great paper clips; where did you find them?

    1. I bought them at joanns in the scrapbook section. Good luck in hunting them down!!

  6. Can you come to my house and organize it? I think I just need a dumpster and my husband to leave for a bit and I would have it in order! Very pretty yarn. I am going to dye some of my stash with some beets. I'm going to be doing some natural dye experiments in the next few months. Can't wait to see your project!

  7. I have taken a break from cleaning out today. I had to make a trip to town and it's pouring rain so I am already beat...I detest driving in the rain.
    I love the little paper clips and now will be on a mission to find them here.
    I'm with you on eating better. Today is day 14 of my detox and while I miss sour dough bread, I am feeling so much better.

  8. Are those Anne LaMott books I see on your shelf? I love her books and have most of them. She just strikes a chord with me! I also love rearranging and freshening up. We are doing some of that as well. Eating better is always a good goal. Have a great day.

  9. I have been organizing and cleaning out as well. I am committed to one small area a day. Since I only get to do this in the evening after work I am not overwhelmed by doing a whole room in one day.

  10. All of your tidying has really paid off! My sister is like you, she can have stuff, but keep it together. I think I would fail even as a minimalist since I must pull everything out far too often for common sense. I love your yarn bowl and basket. Looking forward to seeing your lace weight come alive.

  11. I love those paper clips, and that yarn, gorgeous!

  12. I love creating wee corners - this is such an inspirational and happy post xx

  13. We keep doing the same sorting out one part of the house only to mess up another. Hannah goes back to London on Sunday so I must concentrate on sorting things properly.
    I love the yarn such a beautiful colour. I can't wait to see it knitted up.

  14. Those little bird clips are adorable! I've been doing lots of sorting and organizing, too--what a lot of work it is! But, I love the results. : ) I love the little corner in your first photo with the clock--such an eye-catching arrangement.


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