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As I sit here and type this morning all of this beautiful snow has disappeared because it's raining.  Never fear though, we are returning to winter weather and possibly more snow.  Phew.  Winter is my favorite season, although I am partial to autumn.  January snow for me is ideal, the cold temperatures create light fluffy flakes that swirl around.  When you step onto new fallen snow, it squeaks from the chilly weather.  Perfection.  We have gained almost 15 minutes of daylight since the winter solstice, can you see the difference?

I like how the days stretch out with having both kids home for break.  If I'm honest, I could tell you all about the messy book piles that are everywhere-game controllers and all sorts of pens, notebooks and computers with their cords lying about in the corners of my family room.  However, since the holiday decorations have been packed up and put away, I've felt better with my lived in house.  The care free days of school breaks are coming to a close this week.  I've penciled out the last menu plan for a family of four.  I have been earmarking meals for two this week, some new to try out and add to the rotation.

I've finished another hat (I'll share tomorrow).  I'm happily knitting on a shawl with lots of simple rows in between a bit of lace detail.  I know I will be knitting this shawl pattern again, it's fun.  This weekend there was much laughter watching episodes of Mystery Science Theater.  We also piled into the car for a country drive to another town to shop at an art store-Oh the pen selections!! and a visit to a bookstore, inhaling that lovely scent of coffee and print.

How was your weekend?


  1. There really is something about the smell of a book store [and a yarn store] that lifts the spirit. Did you find any good reads?

    We have rain here this morning and then we will be dropping temps all day, but no snow...drats!

  2. All of our snow is gone thanks to weirdly warm temps and rain. And it's supposed to plummet later today into the teens so I guess we'll have icy and mud. Fun. Hope we get more snow soon!

    This is my first day of having the house to myself and I'm missing the company of the kids who went back to school today. Happy Monday!

  3. It all looks so pretty Karen. We haven't had any snow yet. The weather is weird, it's so mercurial, windy and warm one minute, hailstone storm the next. It's lashing down with rain at the moment and there are lots of flood warnings on the rivers in the county.

    Ahmad's gone back to school but Hannah's still home I don't think she has a lecture until the 23rd. She's madly writing in her room at the moment but I'm not sure how long she'll stay in Oxford. I've kept the tree up at her request, we were so long getting one it seems a shame to put it in the woods yet.

    Enjoy your cosy time with the family, happy knitting.

    The art shop sounds awesome, we are all big stationery fans.

  4. We still have lots of snow and more falling right now, you are welcome to it, I am ready for spring :)

    Have a great week Karen.

  5. My family is huge Mystery Science Theater fans! We actually went to the movie theater to see their rendition of Night of The Living Dead. Hysterical! Our snow is gone too. But the wonderful cold will return tomorrow. Ick...

    Can't wait to see what you're knitting!

  6. oh my, i haven't watched mst3k in FOREVER. just thinking of it makes me laugh!

    Happy New Year, Karen!

  7. I savor every one of those extra minutes of light. I think I'd love summers in the Arctic!

  8. ..hence this why I will never own a kindle- love the smell and feel of books. It's getting lighter here in Montucky too- we have been skiing so much this year- wonderful snowy winter we are having too.
    Enjoy your kids :) .....and the cold.

  9. coffee and print oooh mmmmmm BLISS. Have you met in blog world October Farm Blog? she loves winter too. I find that hard being a sun lover. Keep warm over there. Love Leanne

  10. Someone please explain to me why it is SO hard to get those controllers and their bits and bobs back into the media cabinet? (Though they probably grumble about the lady's yarn everywhere, all the time -- but it's different!) My husband was hell-bent on de-Christmassing on Saturday and we are all breathing a little easier, not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves thoroughly :) Happy Knitting! Be sure to tell us how your new recipe/meals adventures go!

  11. All of our snow is gone too! I can hardly believe that it actually got up to 57° today. It felt like spring. But, tonight we'll be caught in the polar vortex (sounds scary, doesn't it? LOL!). I love your photos--and oh, the scent of coffee and print! : )

  12. Bookstores and libraries smell the best. Really, I could be in either for hours. You can have our snow and blustery cold... seriously. I'm a beach girl at heart. The longer days help a little though; it's good to know we are moving toward spring.

  13. Glad you are having a fun time with the kids home, Karen. Lovely snow pics. We have our share here, too, and I have this love/hate relationship with it these days!

  14. Such beautiful photos, as always. We are drawn to many of the same scenes ;) Love that you took a family field trip to the next town. The very best kind of field trip. And to both an art store AND a book store. Bliss. Enjoy these last days with kids!

  15. Awww...the end of Christmas break and the kids heading back...I remember how that orderly the house became afterwards, but also how quiet it became. Meals for four back to meals for two. I'd look forward to hearing how the new recipes you found turn out when you make them!

  16. We are hearing how cold it is for you over there - glad you are warming up with coffee, books and yarn xxx


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