The weekend was so nice, slow and quiet.  I witnessed a beautiful sunrise while picking up the newspaper yesterday morning.  There was:

-body shaping decreases beginning on my knitted cardigan
-a walk, finally, outside with my husband and dog
-grilled cheese and soup again for a meal-could be a weekly ritual
-a return to salads
-a little bit of Dr. Who
-and a little bit of Mystery Science Theater
-phone calls from the kids
-chicken wings (homemade by my husband of course)
-NOT football watching but looking every time my husband gasp and asking what happened...
-waking up this morning to MORE SNOW whee :)

How was your weekend??

Joining Amanda


  1. That sounds like a pretty good weekend. Especially the NOT football watching :) I'm lucky and no one on that house is much bothered about sport, mostly I can avoid it altogether!
    Grilled cheese (or as we say cheese on toast) and soup sounds good, some evenings a simple dinner is definitely the way to go.

  2. Sounds good. Especially the phone calls and more snow. I would love a bit too. Seems the cardigans coming along well, my Annabel is flying along too, but's it's such an easy pattern.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Grilled cheese & soup is one of my comfort foods! If only I had cheese in the house...it's snowing and that would be a perfect lunch!

  4. I can't believe you have more snow!!! We are going to be in the 80's today and it is so humid right now I feel like I'm melting.

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. :-) We had a good weekend here as well. Saturday the temps were in the low 60's here and we all enjoyed that very much. Rain and cooler temps were back yesterday, but Saturday gave us a glimpse of things to come.

  6. What a wonderful weekend- sounds like my speed - beautiful sunrise and picture to day.
    Have a lovely week ahead Karen!

  7. Mystery Science Theater makes any weekend better! We got more snow this morning too. Sounds like it's going to be a snowy week for us down here. Wings are always made by my husband too!

  8. We drove to the snow yesterday, but only saw a bit on the side of the road...the rest was too high up for us to drive. Last night we had snow and rain mixed, but nothing stuck...we are longing for a white winter blanket. :)

  9. mr. picked up some dr. who at the library but i think skipped a season. the last one we'd seen was the first full episode with tenant and then the disc he brought home was tenant but no rose. i think the titanic episode even had kylie minogue in it ;-)

  10. More snow, yay!!! We didn't watch the football game either, no interest at all in this house :)

  11. Love your recap

    I worked in the Nursery las tight. New babies for the super bowl ….and ground hog day. lovely little things straight from God

  12. Beautiful photo! Sounds like a very nice weekend. We woke up to more snow this morning too.

  13. Sounds like a really fun weekend, friend!

  14. Sounds like a good weekend to me! We had a nice one also; first an all day choir workshop, and then a little get away which did include watching the Seahawks. Guess that old groundhog was right, eh?


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