Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
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Oh this weekend has been chock full of goodness. Over this weekend we celebrated our son's 21st birthday! I cannot believe he is 21, seems like yesterday (two decades ago) I went into labor on a memorial weekend.  At the time, we lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The daffodils were just starting to bloom and yes, there was snow on the ground-a wee bit, but still there. My first child was a four hour labor and he was a five hour labor, what a slowpoke :)

He had donuts for his birthday cake since he's not a fan of mile high icing (!?!?). Luckily donuts come in a variety of ways and everyone had their favorite, mine being a sprinkled one. We sang happy birthday and went out to dinner. I think it was a good birthday.

Today I'll be resting and relaxing, reading and knitting, enjoying my family being together. I predict there will be more donuts....

How was your weekend?? 


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Our youngest would love donuts for her birthday since she's not an icing fan either. Normally she asks for a cheesecake instead. We had a very busy and productive Saturday. Girls were off doing their own thing with friends, so we got to tackle the "to do" list. If the weather stays good we're supposed to go for a bike ride with friends today. Can't be all work and no play,right? ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Sounds like a wonderful celebration!

  3. Happy birthday to your son and it sounds like y'all had a wonderful time celebrating. Donuts sound really good right about now. Wow, you have quick labors, mine were all pretty bad, shudder.
    Enjoy this beautiful day!

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  5. Let me try this again: here's a link to my weekend:

  6. I also was celebrating a birthday, my eldest daughters who was 30.
    21 such a special age, hope you made some special memories.

  7. Happy Birthday to your son sounds like he had a lovely celebration.

  8. Happy Birthday to your son, Karen! Twenty-one is a milestone in his life. Enjoyed hearing how you celebrated his special day.

    Relaxing, reading, knitting...all sound wonderful to me! Well, I guess I'd have to say crocheting since I don't really knit. ;) Glad you are able to rest a bit today. It has been fairly humid here today...made me think of you.

    We've had another busy weekend, but that's okay! Next weekend the plan is to relax! I'm looking forward to it.

    You can read about our weekend here: http://jesusweadorethee.blogspot.com/2014/06/weekends.html

  9. Happy Birthday to your son! Twenty-one is a milestone, and here's hoping for lots of donuts along the way to all the other milestones he'll accomplish!

  10. Happy Birthday to your son! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!
    Our weekend: http://throughourgardengate.blogspot.com/2014/06/weekends.html

  11. That sounds lovely... wow. 21! And I didn't know you once lived in MI! Where in the UP?

    Here's our weekend: http://edegraw.me/blog/2014/06/01/weekending-books-and-sprinklers/

  12. Happy birthday to your son!
    My weekend was both relaxing and productive which is a good balance, I think.

  13. Happby Birthday to your boy! All grown up now!! Enjoy your day of relaxing. My weekend was full. Here's a peek: http://www.shetoldstories.com/2014/06/weekending-i-thought-i-could-fly-.html

  14. All the best to your son Karen, sounds like the perfect way to celebrate :)


  15. Your weekends always sound fantastic, but this one was extra special, wasn't it?
    Happiest birthday to your son, and have a wonderful week! xo

  16. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day and weekend!
    We welcomed the new month by the beach yesterday, which was a great start. Happy June :)


  17. Donuts are always nice! A very happy birthday to your son!!

  18. Sounds like a good weekend.


  19. Sounds like a dream day! I hope to have one of those kind soon! :)

  20. Mmmm, donuts. My sister has never been a fan of cake or frosting, so my gram always made her rice crispy treats for her birthday. Yum! Fortunately, her son takes after his aunt and loves frosting. ;-)

    My weekend: http://inblueink.blogspot.com/2014/06/weekending.html

  21. My daughter turned 13 this April and I thought 13!!! I know I will do the same at 21!!
    Love the photo and trying to remember weekends are for resting and enjoying.
    Glad to be back in the blogosphere....missed you!

  22. Sounds like a very nice time! We spent Saturday and Sunday in Portland, OR, and even caught an unexpected parade.

  23. happy happy birthday!!!!! a biggie....21!!!!!

  24. How sweet! I imagine I'll be feeling all the same things 21 years from now! And those short labors sound amazing!

  25. Donuts...yum! Five hours a slow-poke? Oh my! My youngest was my shortest labor at 6 hours from when I woke up thinking "am I in labor??" For the others, I labored over 24 hours and was always so tired afterward; with my daughter, I was up and about and feeling so good afterward.

    Belated wishes to your 21 year old! How exciting!

  26. How lovely that you are hosting the weekend series! I've never actually participated but love reading about it on various blogs. Maybe I will partake next weekend :) Anyway, I like the sound of yours, just the right mix of happy activities and relaxing. Isn't 21 a big deal in the US? Here in Europe it's 18 but if I remember correctly 21 is the drinking age in the States. My stepson turns 21 next year but is visiting us here in the UK this summer, I wonder whether he will venture a pint of beer? Probably not, I think he'll be like his father who never drinks :) Wishing your son a happy belated birthday!

  27. Sweet. I am sorry I missed weekending this time.
    I'm enjoying catching up with you though.
    Also, I am really spending a lot of time enjoying every second with my little ones. It's already starting to speed up....wow


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