Full Swing of Summer Living

We are in summer mode full swing!  I'm still waking up early in the morning but there is a slow beat to the start of the day.  I love when the sun is out at 5:40 a.m., just glorious!  Frodo wakes and then proceeds to sleep some more on the couch.  He is not a morning person, err, dog.  He wakes up around 11 a.m.  So far we haven't seen a rabbit inside the fenced in area.  Phew!

On Thursday I spent some time in my studio balling up my yarn winnings.  Not one single tangle, so that was impressive.  I still live my knitting life without a swift.  It's how I live on the edge of life.  This weekend will be the start of a simple sock cast on.

I've found my rhythm for cooking for three people instead of two people.  I do miss the two people cooking because there are more leftovers and less cooking (that means more knitting).  Even though we are in the midst of summer living, I've started looking at the fall calendar and scheduling out some mini trips.  Checking two to three calendars -virtual and paper- is an undertaking. Pairing down what days are open.  Ah, I love doing this task.

Tracey did a summer list and now I find I need to do one as well.  Summer for me is:

-slow mornings
-salads (with avocados)
-watermelon (with salt!)
-wearing my visor on a walk
-too many bugs
-toads, grasshoppers, lightening bugs, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, locusts and cicadas
-ducklings at the pond
-walkers, bikers, fishermen (and teen fisherwomen) seen on my walk
-picnics, corn on the cob, grilling everything and anything
-reading books on the swing
-knitting on the swing
-having a kid home every now and then
-visiting family and family visiting

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I love summer! I don't have a swift or a ball winder, I put the yarn on me feet and wind it by hand. Though I have asked my Dad to make me a swift. P.s. Frodo is adorable.

  2. Yes, summer is good - even when it is 110 in Arizona! No reading on the swing for us - but summer is still the best time of year because school is out (and when you and your hubby are both teachers, that is s very good thing! ) Have a good one!

  3. i just love that shot of frodo!!!
    and your summer list :)

  4. Awww...your dog is so sweet! I grew up with a schnauzer who was the same salt and pepper color.

  5. The colors in your yarn are great. I love your list. Even though it has been summer-like here for quite a while (I almost feel like it never stopped being summer, except that we did have a few ice days off school so there must have been winter in there somewhere!) I still am trying to figure out a way to make the most of summer. Daily early trips to the playground and afternoon trips to the pool are it so far. And not too bad, I think. Perhaps I should start a list too.

  6. Moxie wasn't a morning person either and sometimes slept with his foot over his eyes in a "don't bother me way". :) Frodo looks so comfy.
    Summer means many of the same things to me, too!

  7. ahhh, Frodo.....Freddy is in the same position on his chair (and then will move to his couch....and then to his other chair....and then to his loveseat....and then, by the hot late afternoon, he'll settle on the a/c vent!)

  8. I love your list . I will now try salt on watermelon. Fireman just told me that his parents ate it that way all the time

  9. Watermelon with salt..Yes! We really are kindred spirits Karen.

    I do like the slower pace of summer, but gosh I'm ready for winter to get here!

  10. Love your list. I think I will have to try salt on my watermelon next time, sounds good. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Frodo looks so comfy. I've had tangles every time I've used my swift lately. Maybe I should try winding my yarn without it next time. Love your summer list. I need to add one to my journal. Have a great weekend.

  12. I'm with Frodo - mornings are gross!

  13. that may be the sweetest photo of Frodo ever :)

  14. The yarn looks luscious. Not being a knitter I dont know what a swift is but I suppose it holds your yarn while you wind it up?? Frodo looks pretty comfy

  15. oh i love your summer list. just reading through it gives me a good, summery feeling. the weather could be better here, but we have our share of warmth and sunshine, so i don't want to complain.
    happy weekend!

  16. those ducklings you posted on Instagram are so darling. I do think ducklings may be the cutest babies ever.
    We are in summer full swing here, too.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Love that Frodo picture! Enjoy the weekend!

  18. I love watermelon with salt! Actually I think I may go buy one today! What simple sock patter do you use? I am going to attempt to magic loop some socks (shudders in terror).

    1. My simple sock pattern is 64 stitches on size 2 needles, 2 inch cuff, total of 7 inches long before heel flap etc. all in stockinette. I did some blog posts about it a year or so ago??? I'll have to find them though..

      Have fun with magic loop, I don't care for it because I feel I'm much faster with dpns, might be a mind set thing!!! I can't wait to hear what you think!


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