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Yesterday was picture perfect beautiful.  The humidity was low and the cold front arrived dropping the temperatures a wee bit more.  Ah.  Lovely!  The days are shorter and shorter but I'm one of those few people in the world that love that shift in the season.  I sat on the swing in a beam of sunlight reading my book.  I cannot remember the last time I purposefully sat in the sun.

I'm becoming more comfortable in manual mode on my camera.  So simple and yet daunting when you are not familiar with photography.  I still have a lot to learn, but my building blocks are a solid foundation.  My self taught course is going well.  I'm the best student, ha ha.  All of these photos were in manual mode.

I started a baby sweater in cotton and the cotton is not being kind to my hands.  So as you know, I will be knitting like a demon to finish the project and move back to wool.  What was I thinking?  Give me three days or four, I'll be finished.

Oh, by the way, my health has been quite well.  My arthritis has been under control for quite some time and all is right in my world.  Thank goodness for my awesome doctor and for modern medicine.

I have some more knitting ideas brewing in my mind.  There's a pair of socks for my husband, a scarf for my son and I was thinking maybe some hats for the California dwellers.  I wound up some lovely lace weight wool for myself but haven't even cast on that project.  Other projects become priorities.

I hope you get some beautiful weather where you live this weekend!


  1. Nice photos- once you learn how to use manual you never go back, it's such a valuable tool giving you more control of your images. Enjoy your weekend in the sun!

  2. Wonderful photos Karen! I too love the shift in the season. Dark evening are great time to curl up on the couch with a book or project. It's a time of rest for a farmer.
    Glad to hear your health has been so good. I'll keep you in my prayers that you continue to do well.
    I am collecting patterns for a time when I will get to knit more often. Hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable.

  3. Wonderful photos, I really enjoyed looking at them. Glad to hear your arthritis is under control, Ged is still struggling I am afraid they are unable to get the right dosage of medication so yet again he is back on steroids. We seem to be having it a little rough at the moment.

  4. Even though the heat and humidity are still with us, I can see by the shifting light that autumn is on its way. I LOVE this time of year. The morning sun is just SO pretty.

    Love the photo of Frodo. He is ADORABLE

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I have osteoarthritis in my shoulders, neck, hip and back. Thankfully, it hasn't made it's way to my hands. Even on my WORST days, I can still knit, thank goodness!

  5. Beautiful photos, Karen! I am also so happy you are feeling well! I am with you on cotton knitting - it is a challenge on the hands. Give me wool every day of the week!

  6. So good to hear that your health is on an even keel, Karen. I am loving the slight drop in temperature here today. We had an incredible storm early this morning, it woke me, but my husband and son didn't hear a thing. I love your photos, sounds like you really enjoyed taking them. Have a great weekend xx

  7. Fall looks like it will be lovely in our part of the world. Very happy to hear your health has improved and, also, very happy to see Frodo!

  8. Your photos are very nice. I'm glad your health is well. Your"knit brew" sounds great to me. Basically, it had socks in it, but that photo of Frodo is really fantastic.

  9. GREAT IMAGES!!! Cotton always is a sensitive subject

  10. Good news about your arthritis! Fall is coming.

  11. Your photos are lovely. My independent study these days is poetry. It brings me such peace. I am happy to hear your health is good. Take good care.

  12. the weather was amazing here too!
    so glad to hear of the good things in your world right now, especially your good health.
    and good work on learning to shoot manual :)

  13. Karen, I am betting that you are the teacher's pet, lol! These photos are are wonderful, you are an excellent student. 😊 Like you, I am loving this weather. We have had a fire going every night in our cabin at Squam. (next year you should come, we could room together!)

  14. Those photos are perfection! How wonderful is it that we keep on learning as we age? I am sure you are top of the class with these beauties.
    So happy to hear that you are getting cooler weather and even happier that you health is better!!

  15. Great photos! I love it when the dogwoods start to change colors. Hope your hands survive the cotton baby sweater.

  16. Your pictures are lovely! Hopefully the baby sweater goes quickly-cotton really can be such a beast to knit with!

  17. Frodo....i've been waiting for you to sneak on your mommy's computer and write up a post. i know you have lots to say....like what life is like under the ottoman. fascinating stuff, there. nice hair-do.
    your friend, freddy


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