Weekends are for memory making, 
relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.  
If you would like, please share your weekend moments 
in the comments section of the blog.

Fall blooms are the best!  Every year the wild asters bloom and every year I think about how I should plant some for my garden.  I love them so.  How was your weekend?  Busy?  Slow?  I can't wait to hear about yours.  Mine was slow and easy.  Truly, I am so so lucky I am anxiety free these days.  Makes for a happy life.  I work hard at being "present" and noticing small joys in my daily life.  Writing a gratitude list DAILY helps immensely.  I've noticed there is something to be grateful for every single day.

Friday night was dinner out at a local favorite restaurant with my husband's colleague and friend.  I'd like to believe she's my friend as well.  We had a great time together talking, laughing and eating.  We extended our evening back at home with coffee and cookies (decaf tea for me!).

Saturday and Sunday was a whole bunch of nothing.  I read a lot and knitted as much.  I'm making huge progress on the baby sweater and hope to have it off the needles by Wednesday (phew!).  The cotton is not easy but so far, I'm holding up quite well. 

I've been toodling around Ravelry and have some mental lists of what I'd like to make for fall.  Hats have caught my fancy!!

If you have a chance, give Amanda's etsy shop a look through.  She is raising money for Coastal Virginia Wildlife Conservatory.  She is a delight and ships super duper fast!!

How was your weekend?


  1. What a lovely weekend. The blooms in the pictures are beautiful and that last little bit of summer is just perfect. A glad you were able to enjoy a quiet weekend. We too had the first of many great Fall weekends ahead.

    Our weekend: http://throughourgardengate.blogspot.com/2016/09/weekends_18.html

  2. Your weekend sounds like mine, a whole lot of nothing, but knitting.
    The heat is back and I am a little disappointed, I want to wear a sweater!
    I love your baby knit!!!!!!

  3. Weekends are certainly for making nice memories ♥


  4. Lots of knitting .....just the way I like it!

  5. That little baby sweater is going to be so sweet. I love the color. Warm weather has returned and since I'm fighting a respiratory virus I took it easy with knitting, reading, and tea. I too am taking a minute at the end of the day to jot down two or three things for which I am grateful. It is a good way for me to let go of the day.

  6. Love it! I nearly messaged you on Instagram for help on the Nutkin sock but figured it out once I'd had a second cup of coffee this morning.

    Weekend, such as it was, over at www.knittingnutmeg.com

  7. Your baby sweater looks so interesting! Cotton creates amazing stitch definition!

  8. I see that baby sweater is coming along nicely. Happy fall. No asters or mums here yet. Somehow I fell off my gardening groove.

  9. Sounds very similar to mine but replace the knitting with crochet. A lot of pottering about and chatting, very relaxing.

  10. I could have borrowed a bit of your relaxing. We put the house in a bit of turmoil this weekend and it is still not quite back together yet! Makes for an unfinished weekend. However, we leave for Michigan on Saturday and I expect there will be lots of down time then!

  11. The baby sweater is looking great, but I'm with you on the knitting with cotton thing. It isn't always easy.

  12. the baby sweater is looking great..

  13. Your baby sweater is turning out great, but what about that knitted dish in the picture? Is that also an Etsy find? I think I need one.

  14. That baby sweater is looking absolutely darling! It sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend :)

  15. It was a very eventful weekend here. Hubby and I went to a bike rally. So many motorcycles! I also got some knitting and reading done this weekend. My scarf is almost done! I would like to have it off my needles by next week because I have my eye on a certain "cowl" I would like to try! :)

  16. I can't wait to see this baby cardigan off of your needles. I love baby things. I didn't have a chance to knit keiki items; well, I tried but after messing up with too much going on I frogged and tabled it for next year. I told the husband I am only knitting for the kids next year and I'll be adding one more to my list of two as my SIL is due mid-January with #3!

  17. The etsy shop you mentioned has gorgeous yarn! I enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend as well, even ended up with a few unplanned naps in the sunshine - bliss!


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