Knitting Karma and Other News

I finished those socks, you know the ones I grumbled about over and over again.  I believe I knit into each stitch too much bad karma.  You see, I decided to do an afterthought heel (not my favorite but it works well with weird stripping).  I proudly finished the heels and buried the threads and thought "gee these look fantastic" and the DO.

But they do not fit my feet.  There was no way I was going to undo and re-knit the socks at the toe or at the heel.  I'm finished with them.   Don't worry though, I know whose feet they will fit, my daughter can proudly wear them.

So my socks have a happy ending.

I love knitting my sweater, this is my slow and savory knitting.  You know, the kind you want to just sit and knit and enjoy each blessed stitch.  The progress is slow but the therapy I'm getting while knitting is in multitudes.

My asana shawl is the project I'm most excited about.  I knew when I arrived at the beading portion of the directions I would be obsessed with doing more rows and more beads.  Just wait until the shawl is blocked! That is when the bead magic begins.  I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

The weather here is warm, too warm!  Last night I was hot even with the window opened.  Who would ever think that a window would be opened in February?  I walked the dog twice yesterday and today I'm tired and a little slow.  I need to build up my stamina.

I shopped for a new pair of sneakers for casual walking.  I found some and hope they meet my expectations.  Shopping for shoes is difficult because of my RA.  I'm hopeful I found THE pair because this time I asked the sales people for advice and opinions.

This past week, I've been mindful of my eating habits and find that I feel so much better.  I'm not doing anything drastic, just eating more fruits and vegetables, keeping track and eating way less garbage.


  1. I am so envious of the lovely weather I keep hearing about - here we have cold and grey. Hope the shoes work out.

  2. I love the pics of your kitchen window + plants. Last night I was too warm too. It's February, right? It was 73° here yesterday! Weird. A couple weeks ago we had mountains of snow; now it's mostly gone. I hope your new shoes feel good!

    I always love to see what you're working on. ♥

  3. Sorry about your socks, but I'm glad your daughter will have a new pair. Your other two projects are really lovely, and I love all the great things growing on your windowsill. Happy Weekend!

  4. Love those socks (and thank goodness they will fit your daughter!!). Your other projects are lovely too. Hope your new shoes work for you. We are still warm here...but will be cooler by Sunday. Windows wide open last night and it was 60 when I got up at 5:30 this morning! Weird!!

  5. well, I love your socks! !Great finish and great for your daughter! we had the windows open on Wednesday and it was so delightful. Now sleet and snow...

  6. We are enjoying some of the too warm weather too. It was lovely sitting on the porch knitting with a cup of tea yesterday, but it was also wrong for February. Love the socks and the beading. Have a wonderful weekend Karen.

  7. I was hot last night with the windows open, too. Hope we sleep better tonight! Your daughter will appreciate those beautiful socks... and not have any bad memory associated with them. ;) Love your sweater and, oh, that beautiful purple lace and beads! Can't wait to see it blocked! Beautiful work. blessings ~ tanna

  8. So many projects! Why aren't we next door neighbors! Would be a dream
    Come true!

  9. Your knitting is lovely. That shawl is going to be gorgeous. I am anxious to see it when it is all done. I also had my windows open and walked last week in short sleeves but today four inches of blowing snow on top of last night's sleet. Very slide - y as my kids used to say.

  10. Beautiful finish to those socks, your daughter must be thrilled. Love the beadwork and I too am getting excited to see it blocked in all its glory. Hope the shoes work out. We both feel better when we eat a sensible diet. Have a great weekend.

  11. We have had a break from the rain which is a nice change. I don't really mind rain as long as I don't have to drive on the freeway in it. But it does mess up my power walking mojo. I bet Frodo was happy to be out and about and sniffing all the mysterious smells out there. Your shawl is going to be lovely once it's dones and blocked. It's in it chrysalis stage right now.

  12. It's definitely not hot here! In fact we've had snow flurries the past two days despite the fact that bulbs are growing. Go figure! Your shawl is going to be gorgeous! Love the color. The sweater is going to be nice, too. I've been working on a mystery sock, probably the most difficult pattern yet with all sorts of textures because it's in the crazy quilt tradition.

  13. Your socks are wonderful, what a shame that they ended up too small for you! Your daughter will love them. I really love the asana shawl, the beadwork is lovely. I have not been that crazy about the warm weather either although I have enjoyed walking with Popeye in short sleeves. It really worries me, the way our seasons are changing so drastically! Have a wonderful week, Karen!

  14. Those are pretty socks, and I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with them. I have to say that I stick with standard construction because it always works out for me. No, I'm not a very adventurous sock knitter!
    The beading on your Asana is gorgeous. I'm taking a class on beading in knitting next month and I'm very excited about it.
    The color of your sweater is very calming and beautiful. Sweaters are such big projects that it is nice to enjoy the knitting!

  15. This post got buried in my email so I'm responding over a week later but I just had to comment on (a) your sweater yarn - I love the color! Although I've seen several photos of it, I'd never noticed the fluctuations of grayness. I just love it! And (b) the plants in the windowsill photo. It's so springy! I love the giant clover looking plants - what are they?

    Hope your weather stays warm. We hit 82 degrees the two days ago and this morning, it snowed! Only in Virginia. :)


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