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Today is beautiful, the sun has returned once again and I opened the kitchen window to let in some fresh air.  I don't mind rainy days if they lead to sunny days.  This week was quite nice, Frodo spent oodles of time outside sitting in the sun.

The above sweater is soaking waiting for me to block it out.  I'm excited to see how it looks when it drys.  I'm down to two projects on the needles.  I guess I'll be starting a new project shortly, I've had my eye on a few shawls on Ravelry.

Our son passed his qualifying exams and his applied test portion was "best in show".  He was pleased since he thought he did a thorough complete explanation.  So, over the summer he'll be working as a research assistant and won't have to retake anything in August.  Phew!

Of course some presents to celebrate are in order, but I cannot say what since I don't know if he reads this blog or not...

I'm on the second to last blurry crossword puzzle.  My eyes are cursing me when I work on them during the lunch hour.  I started a new book that I picked up in NYC last year that is a diary.  The book reads like a series of essays and probably isn't the best book to read right before bedtime.  I'm missing a story line and that wondering of "what's going to happen next".  I might start something to fill that void.

Our pool is opened but there is a major leak somewhere (not the pool liner).  My husband is distraught and I'm wondering how they will fix it and when.  This is when owning property has its down side.  Today, someone is coming to assess the situation.


  1. Hooray!! For a beautiful completed sweater, a smart son who passed his qualifying exams, your lovely purple shawl, and some tasty candy! Hoping that your husband gets some good pool news for an easy and inexpensive fix, and you get a new project on the needles.

  2. I received a copy of The Folded Clock in the past year, so I'll be eager to hear your thoughts. Congratulations to your son and good luck to your husband!

  3. Congratulations to your son! I'm sure he'll have a wonderful summer of research.

    Sorry to hear about the pool. Pool problems are never cheap it seems. We used to worry when our water level would go down too quickly ------thankfully, it was always just because of evaporation. Our neighbor's pool has leaked for YEARS and they just keep refilling it. (Not sure I could do that. I'd HAVE to know what the problem was.) Hope yours is an easy fix.

  4. Congratulations to your son! Hope your pool is a quick (and easy and inexpensive) fix. The Folded Clock looks interesting. Love your sweater. what will you be starting next?

  5. Thrilled to hear your son passed his exams, a great excuse for a wonderful celebration. Sorry to hear about the pool, hopefully it isn't anything too serious or expensive. Love the shawl. Have a great weekend.

  6. How did I delete my comment? Who knows. Anyway, congratulations to your son. His hard work and thorough prep paid off. I am looking forward to seeing your sweater. My sweater is drying on the blocking board and the buttons are waiting on the end table. I was going to work diligently to finish the socks on the needles but instead cast on another shawl. After all, its a holiday weekend.

  7. Lots of good things here! Hope the pool leak is resolved soon!

  8. Congratulations to your son!! I know you are so proud of him. Can't wait to see your sweater and I how your shawl is coming along! Hope the pool issue is an easy fix. blessings ~ tanna

  9. I hope you're ready for a houseguest. I'm on my way to help you eat all that candy. KitKats & Twixt! Yum, my favorites!

    Congrats to your son! Hope you get your pool straightened out. Leaky pools are such a hassle to deal with. Your shawl is beautiful, btw.

  10. Congrats to your son! That's a very nice achievement. Love that purple shawl; you've made lots of nice things recently.

  11. That is great you have finished your sweater! that is exciting, it will be nice to see how it looks blocked and all done. Congratulations to your son! hope that the problem with your pool is figured out soon.

  12. Congrats to your son!!! The sweater is just beautiful - I hope to see you modeling it!


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