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I am savoring each stitch of my cardigan each afternoon and I'm thrilled to report that I've finished the body ribbing.  I wish you could feel the squish factor, seriously, unbelievable!  I'm on the first sleeve and I'll go as far as I can on 16 inch circular needles until I have to switch to either two circulars or double pointed needles.

In the evenings, I work on my shawl that is slowly changing from dark purple to light purple.  I'm making the largest size and can't wait until I can wear this knit.

Oh and I feel the need to cast something else new on the far resisting but still!

Have you seen Andrea's new cowl?  She released yet another new pattern!

Also I read an interesting article about being super healthy and avoiding breast cancer in the New York Times.  It is definitely worth a read.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing both your cardigan and your shawl when it is completed. Your read about being super healthy sounds like a worthy read.

    I'm currently reading Jane Eyre and still working on the baby afghan for our neice who is to deliver in July. The shower is on the 27 of this month and this will definitely be finished by then.

  2. You're working on two gorgeous knits, and even though I'd be anxious to finish both of them, I would also want to prolong the process of working with those beautiful yarns!

  3. I read that article in the New York Times, too. Must. Lose. Weight.
    I love that shawl. It's fun to work with yarns that shift in color.

  4. Your sweater and shawl are gorgeous! Both projects must be such fun to work on. And thanks for the NYT link - very good reading. I, too, Must.Lose.Weight.Now!

  5. Your two projects together look so pretty that I'm contimplating grey and deep purple for a scarf combo!

  6. I am still exploring the Island and giving some furniture a makeover so not a lot of yarn projects getting done. I love your chosen yarn, stunning colours.

  7. You are so good about giving each WIP a turn. Wonderful progress.

  8. I can almost feel the squishy factor from your photo, but sure wish I could get my hands on your sweater! Lovin' the purple shawl, too! Oh, yes. The need to shed these pounds. Arrrrggghhh. I'll do good for a few days... then, not so much. Good article. Thank you for sharing. blessings ~ tanna

  9. Such pretty knitting. Those projects look as if they can be worn together. Thanks for the article.

  10. You find the prettiest purples!!! I always thought blue was my favorite color, but I am definitely seeing the joys of PURPLE!


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