Daisy Memories

My yarn order arrived yesterday from Eat Sleep Knit - the best kind of mail ever.  I ordered silky alpaca and for my next knit, Whiteout.  Depending on my babysitting hours today, I hope to cast on.

How has your week been?

The daisies are blooming along my roadside walks and they're delightful.  I remember making daisy crowns as a child and wearing them all over the place.  Also, as children we had a great digging spot for creativity under a large white pine at our grandparent's summer cottage.  I would make mud pies, adorned with daisies, dandelions and various stones from the graveled road.

My gram was skilled at making all four of us children feel special without playing the favorite game.  She would 'taste' each mud pie slice and give each child a prize.  Best texture, best flavor, best decorated.  Everyone was a winner.

As I walk with Frodo, I can crisply remember the sun on my shoulders in the early days of June during childhood.  The humidity low, the breezes cool.  I was eager to be outside whenever possible and eked out the best that summer offered.  Biking riding, sprinkler running, playing tag games and eating meals outside instead of inside.

Our pool is back to being filled, the leak fixed and while my husband vacuumed the other day, I sat on the patio reading a book and relaxing.  Summer is here.

I am doing my yoga routine at the break of dawn.  I welcome the stretching and reaching while the birds greet the day as the sun starts to shine.

Life is Good.


  1. I adore daisies - they always look so happy to me! Thanks for sharing yours and giving me a smile today. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your Whiteout will be gorgeous! Love that pattern. And Jelly Belly....

    I, too, loved to be outdoors making mudpies, reading, having meals, etc. Everything was outside come June. It was perfect!!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Life IS good even if the news media would like to tell us otherwise. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think we are taking it SLOW this weekend. :-)

  4. I liked a bit of outside time as a child, but have to admit we were airconditioned children in our house. We watched Hollywood Squares and PAssword every morning. I do recall riding our bikes to the library and to the pet shop for fun.

  5. I love daisies also!

    When I think about childhood, I remember loving when the buttercups arrived. I would pick small bouquets to bring home and loved waving them under my mom and dad's chins to see if they liked butter! : )

  6. the yarn looks sooooo lovely...i went over to joanns this morning and got a skein of yarn for more baby hats..It was on sale, so thats good..I used the coupon to get needles, should of gotten the clovers though, oh well..
    Have a lovely Friday..love the daisies ..

  7. Such wonderful childhood memories, I do hope my children and Grandchildren remember me as fondly.

  8. I love that you are so content ❤️ Such wonderful memories too! xx

  9. The beginning of summer - ahh - Your shawl is going to be lovely. Eat.Sleep.Knit. has great service don't they?

  10. *sigh* whiteout - I love that pattern! (and you've chosen the perfect colors for a Georgia Tech gameday piece :-) happy first weekend of June!!

  11. Your life always sounds so busy (& fulfilling) but calm. I admit, I'm slightly jealous. :) Your yarn choice is going to make a gorgeous shawl!

  12. Love the daisies and the memories of visiting your Gram, love her prizes for different categories .

  13. Oh, my goodness. I had forgotten about daisy chains!! Sweet memories with your Gram and mudpies. Summer's best kind of memories. blessings ~ tanna


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