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I'm reading some light and easy books this week, you know, summer reading.  I love the pick it up and put it down ease and the low-thinking impact.  I know when the end of August arrives, I'll be craving some serious literary writing.

I bought the victorian book on my beach vacation after a delightful old house tour.  If you ask me, we could all do with more manners -  where did they go?

Last night I separated the sleeves from the body on my beloved cardigan.  The mindless stockinette is nicely paired with a murder mystery on TV or with a kindle book (kindles stay open on my lap).

If you're analyzing my above photo, you will see a glimpse of a different coffee table.  The square one is going to be refinished by my husband.  I called my dad for detailed instructions (he refinished furniture professionally) and we (meaning he) are ready to go!  I hit my limit of water marks on the table even when using sturdy coasters.

Sadly, there are some deep marks lovingly made by my then 2 year old son with his toy hammer that will be sanded out.  Ah, memories.  The water marks are so annoying, I'm willing to give up sweet memories of hammering.  I did take lots of photos for a before and after post.

There will be so many layers of polyurethane that nothing will penetrate down to the wood.

This week, I won an issue of The Hopper literary magazine from Kristen Ploetz.  Thank you!

And also, I won a journal and a personally made-for-me essential oil giveaway on Michelle's blog, thank you Heather and Michelle!  I love when I win :)

All this winning makes me think I should play the lottery. If only I was the betting sort of person.

I'm over half way through the first section of my shawl.  I am loving the construction the more I work on it.  Phew!


  1. Pretty shawl! And pretty sweater! I can't read and knit because I have to look at my knitting - lol.

  2. congrats on all those wins!!!! yay, you!!!!! I know what you mean about the memories embedded in the furniture! Fortunately, all our furniture is 'primitive' antique.....carrying not only our memories, but those of generations past. Each new watermark or dent I just call patina....and move on. Loving the summer projects!!

  3. You are winning with your knitting projects! Every reader wants some light reading now and then, and manners are a delightful topic. Looking forward to seeing your refinishing project; I've also got a few of those marks around my house from two-year olds with toy hammers.

  4. That yellow yarn looks like it would feel good while you knit it.

    As for the coffee table ... you could always give it a few hammer whacks before hubby puts on the poly finish. LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I'm; plugging away on my shawl too. And Im loving each stitch. Fireman built us a new coffee table this winter. Oh I LOVE it. Aren't we the lucky ones to have such talented husbands???

  6. It's amazing what sandpaper can do for a table with watermarks. Sometimes you can get away with just re-doing the top. Good luck with it.

  7. Nice cardigan so far, it is really coming along! I like the shawl too! congrats on winning all those wonderful things, I hope you enjoy them. I should start entering some contest/giveaways too on some blogs, it would be so fun to win! I hope you enjoy reading the books, they look like fun reads.

  8. Hope all goes well with the resurfacing of the coffee table. I have been overdoing things a little lately so have had an afternoon sitting with my feet up with a book, it did me the world of good. Well done on your wins.

  9. My shawl is in time out at the moment, waiting for me to string a bunch of beads. Right now I'm reading The Underground Railroad and recently finished Watermelon Snow, a fun new book that takes place in WA and was written by a friend, William Liggett.

  10. Oh I loved The Rosie Project! and agree completely about manners. Glad you're liking Whiteout a little better. It's going to be lovely. Happy Weekend!

  11. My reading has gone down the drain. I used to always read before bed and now I seem to put myself to bed catching up on blogs via my phone. Not the same. Oh dear.

  12. I think your shawl is just gorgeous!
    And how fun to win things. Even in the age of the Internet, it is so much fun to get real things in the mail!

  13. Your shawl is lovely! Hope all goes well with the table, I am sure it will!

  14. Your shawl is coming along beautifully, and I really love the sweater too!

  15. Your knits look lovely. I found The Rosie Project a very dear story.


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