What a spectacular weekend!  The weather was perfectly perfect.  Especially Saturday, the high was about 77 degrees with low humidity.  Why can't it stay that way?  I guess those days are golden and special.  We took a walk with Frodo, who hasn't been out on a walk for quite a while because of the high heat and humidity from the previous weeks.  He loved smelling the smells and seeing the neighborhood.  So did we, well seeing the neighborhood.  We walked down the dirt road (it's paved now but the name 'dirt road' still sticks).  The day lilies are abundant and in full bloom.

I am --almost-- healed up.  On Friday, I asked the trainer to resume the kick boxing moves that we started a few weeks ago.  If this is what it takes to make my back stronger I am all for it.  Honestly, I hate to admit it but the sitting is what ruins my back.  How sad.  We probably need a new sofa set but I really don't feel like shopping for that at all. 

clean!  kitchen!!
 Yesterday afternoon, I made a quiche for after Saturday night Mass for dinner.  We skipped the pizza run but not the bakery...we have priorities.  We've been watching season 2 of The Crown on Netflix and season 3 of The Americans on Amazon Prime.  The Americans makes me really nervous!  Too much action (killing) and suspense (about to be killed).  However, the story line is great.

Today, I met with my friends to knit and chat.  I have such a great time with them, I'm lucky to have them.  I came home to homemade pizza with olives and mushrooms made by my husband.  

Holly! (in the bathtub nest)

Later today I'll be tackling some paperwork and catching up on the internet.  Of course I have a cup of tea sitting on the table cooling off for the first sip.  Hopefully I'll be knitting a tiny bit too.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wasn't it just gorgeous this weekend. While most of it was spent just doing "ordinary" things ..... we sure did appreciate the nice weather, bit of a breeze and lower humidity.

  2. Happy Sunday! Thanks to a post on your last post, I have connected with the daughter of a woman I once volunteered and later worked with! I posted on her blog because she's from WA also, and then after a few emails I realized that I knew her mom and dad. We hope to have lunch together soon. So, thank you, Karen! And to think this came about from a blog in PA!

    1. I LOVE this small blogging world we live in :)

  3. We also soaked up the more moderate weather! It was indeed a glorious weekend! Have a good Monday!

  4. I love that photo of Frodo's nose and paw sticking our from under somewhere! We had a busy weekend with a sweet Friday evening wedding of our neighbor's daughter, Saturday with our oldest grandson and taking him to the airport. Today was a walk, church, and a bit of a catch up. The weather was a warm but less humid summer day. Quite a warm afternoon but bearable.

  5. We finally had a few days without running all over the area to catch music! We could have gone to a farm team baseball game last night, but honestly, I was tooo tired!!! I actually got to sew today, been burning up the knitting lately, so it was good to get back to the machine.

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Like you said, it would be nice if they could all be like that. I do love seeing the "homey" photos you include, especially your kitchen. It makes reading your posts feel like a delightful chat with you!

  7. It was just the best weekend, thanks to the weather! Being able to breathe and to go out and take a nice walk made it perfect.

  8. Our weekend was so hot, around 100, and Mylo, who is my world at the moment, doesn't really care for the heat. Entertainment must happen in the house, but walks are nice in the morning and even later in the evening. I enjoy hearing about your daily life, Karen, and seeing what Holly and Frodo are up to now.

  9. mm that pool looks so inviting.
    I love the Crown. I gave up on the American pretty quickly.. but my husband such finished the series finale a few days ago.


  10. This weekend the weather really was perfectly perfect as you say! A gift for sure after the awful, oppressive weather we were having. Cute little Frodo peeking out. And Holly! She looks like she is getting bigger!! Glad you had such a nice weekend.

  11. I love your kitchen, ours is small and I dream of having a big one again someday. The weather was heavenly, we just returned from our trip to Maine where it was hot, hot, hot! Thankfully we were on a lake so we were able to cool off! I love the pics of Frodo and Holly! xx

  12. Zach returned to us this weekend, for a bit so it we are treasuring this time. Does you cat want to go in the pool? I know my fezzik would go right in

  13. Oh, those sunlit trees look so dreamy! Great to hear you are coming back to training, it is always such a great feeling to be strong again! My weekend was devoted to my dear friend, taking photos and working.

  14. I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts about the break in the weather ... seems we all needed it! Love that photo of Frodo!!


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