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Hello!  This is going to be an overly chatty post because, well, I have a ton of stuff to tell you.  My Friday afternoon was kicking off into a brilliant weekend.  We had our dinner planned out (a steak for him, salmon for me) on the grill and maybe a walk after dinner.  

My husband was cutting mushrooms and we were 'bickering' which is the polite way to say we were arguing over the freshness of the mushrooms.  Honestly, they were rotten but he insisted they were fine (they were not).  I had the onion ready for him to chop and he used the newly sharpened knife and we continued to argue over the mushrooms.

Well you know where this is going, he cut the tippy tip of his thumb.  If you know me well, I cannot triage anything with blood.  Just stomach viruses.  So I am asking him from a far if he needed stitches.  He wouldn't answer so that meant yes.

I called urgent care (as opposed to ER and a $200 copay), they asked a few questions about the injury before telling us they could treat him.  So off we went - dinner was set aside while we took care of that thumb. The wait wasn't too long. 

Urgent care glued it up, wrapped it up and gave him an extremely overdue tetanus shot.  That tetanus shot was worth the trip!

somewhat tidy work space

Phew!  The best part of the story is we picked up something else for dinner instead and I threw away all those rotten mushrooms.  So you could say I won the argument?

We have a new rule in our 31+ year marriage.  No arguing when someone is chopping food with a knife.  A good safety rule if you ask me. 

Yesterday we went for a walk with Frodo.  It looks like spring and smells like spring but it did not feel like spring.  The weather was cloudy and windy, brr.  I spent the whole day enjoying my crafting.  If I wasn't knitting or drawing, I was reading a book.  A completely decadent Saturday.

Today we attended 9:30 a.m. Mass.  I've been doing laundry and catching up on computer stuff. 

Yesterday, Holly ran right by Frodo to get to her space.  He is not fast enough or clever enough to even know what to do when she whips by.  I love her confidence.  Our house has finally become a calm oasis (most of the time).

Will they be snuggle buddies?  I highly doubt it, but I do believe they like each other and know each other well enough to be together apart.  Someone here told me it took three years for their cat/dog to become best buddies.  I'm one year three months in.


How was your weekend?



  1. Your photos of Holly are so precious. I am so glad to read that things have settled and that she has become comfortable in her home. She certainly had a rough start before you found her. She is a lucky girl!!!

    Hope your DH's finger heals up quickly. And yes ..........any win is a win, even if a little blood must be spilled.

  2. Oh boy, ouchie for your husband but glad Urgent Care could take care of him. I decide the fates of food in our house; I'm like my dad and hate old food lying around. I usually clean out the frig after a Costco run which happens tomorrow. You need to visit the Bay Area right now. We are having 70's before the mid-week rain comes.

  3. Maybe no arguing whenever there is a knife! Otherwise it sounds like a lovely weekend. Mine included long walks, yoga, knitting, and some great wine.

  4. I hope the finger heals quickly! Ouch!! Today was my last day of spring break. I spent most of today making sure I’m ready to get back in the work routine. The pictures of Frodo and Holly are beautiful, such cuties!

  5. Worth a little cut finger to avoid the food poisoning from the mushrooms LOL! Seriously I do hope DH finger heals quickly. Beautiful photos of Holly and Frodo, it was worth all the upheaval now they have both settled.

  6. Oh I'm glad the cut to your husband's thumb was no more serious than it was - and also that you did not eat rotten mushrooms!

    Holly and Frodo are clearly working on being buds - I think they've made lots of progress already.

    Hope you have a good week!

  7. Oh no! So sorry about the *accident* and glad urgent care could handle it. I would have been no help (like you...blood....). Fletch will often get annoyed with me for throwing food out, but his definition of safe to eat is much different than mine - lol.

    Such cute pictures of Frodo and Holly. They have some so far from when you first brought Holly into your home. Great job!!

  8. I think that is excellent advice about disagreements, knives, and cutting. I am glad it was not worse!

    Aside from that it sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful weekend - and that Holly - she makes me laugh!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about the cut thumb on your hubby's hand. I guess the positive is that YOU got to have the final say about the mushrooms? I have to know, did you just quietly move them to the trash or did you actually tell him before you threw them away what you were going to do? :) The remainder of your weekend sounds like a very relaxing time. Our weekend was a good one. I made a bunny cake and delivered it next door to our two little neighbor girls because their newborn brother received a crocheted blanket from me...so they needed something, right? Apart from making meals our goal for the weekend was to rest up in hopes that this flu bug would leave. I watched lots of I Love Lucy. :)

  10. Glad your husband is okay and agreed to go to the doctor. My (insert ugly descriptive words here) husband "cut" his thumb down to the bone with a metal sanding machine last summer and refused to go to the doctor. He cleaned it himself & go a buddy to butterfly bandage it and amazingly, it never got infected and healed eventually. But.... Argh! That man makes me crazy! :)
    Other than the finger issue, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. Can't wait to see sweater progress. You're knitting with a lovely color.

  11. Ouch on that finger. My son cannot stand the sight of blood or any trauma. The rest of us here are sort of intrigued by injuries. we are weird from working in the medical arena

  12. Good rule of thumb (pun intended!) not to argue while chopping in the kitchen. We sometimes differ on when to discard food. I say - err on the side of caution. Nothing is worth the risk of food poisoning. Your photos of the Frodo and Holly are so good. Sounds like they - you have made progress.

  13. Yikes about the beginning of your weekend! (and yes, that's a very good rule y'all made) The rest of it sounds and looks lovely. and Hi, Frodo!!


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