a highly stressed out schnuazer due to thunderstorms
Hello!  Another weekend and we are in August - I would throw a ticker tape parade if I had ticker tape because we are inching closer to the fall season.  Who cares how hot it is, in my mind I'm seeking out the hints of things to come.  How was your weekend? 

My husband and I had a work luncheon to attend yesterday, smack dab in the middle of the day.  I took a photo of the floral arrangement at our table, so pretty!  The lunch was nice, but since it isn't my work I really have nothing much to say unless I'm talking about my creative pursuits.  How does one sneak in a segue into knitting?  I tried twice and no one blinked.  I felt like a fisherman casting out my line hoping for a bite...

After the lunch we stopped at the hardware store for a few things, then off to the pool store for more super shock.  Once our errands were finished we went to Saturday night Mass.  We were asked to take up the gifts (I'm guessing our dressy attire was appealing).  We did NOT pick up a pizza due to the luncheon, I bet the pizza shop wondered where we were.

tile floor!!
 Today has been blissful.  I did laundry (not blissful) and have been gobbling up a book on my Kindle.  The Woman in the Window - I do love an unreliable narrator and the feel of a Hitchcock themed story. 

While reading I've been knitting the cowl and it will be finished today. 

How was your weekend?


  1. L-A-Z-Y and full of cozy mystery reading + watching the clock til we could eat.

  2. That center piece is very pretty. We had thunderstorms here last night and I had a terrified chiweenie glued to me during the storm. It is so hard to talk knitting with people.that do not know the difference between knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, counted cross stitch etc. Ppl look at you like you just landed from an alien planet lol. We went to Mass last night too and then out to dinner with friends. That is our normal Saturday evening too.

  3. My weekend included a hike with my daughter, reading on the deck, laundry, and plenty of time to relax.

  4. Quiet weekend. We are working on a small landscaping project - well my husband is doing most of the work and the afternoons have been hot. I wear out quickly in the heat. I did a little sewing yesterday afternoon. We had salads for dinner with warm zucchini brownies for dessert. I don't bake often any more so they are a treat.

  5. Oh that cowl is going to be a great one! I love the textures. Weekend was meant to be quiet: sort a , kind a, was. Today was unintentionally busy with grocery shopping and going with zach for his second tattoo

  6. Quiet weekend with many little errands including new running shoes for me.

    I feel the same way about the fire company luncheons and parties. I don't really fit in and usually end up just staring off into the distance while the wives that know each other have their "private" conversations. I finally decided that it would be better for Steve to go alone.

  7. I'm counting the days and looking for autumn signs too :)

  8. I like that tile floor and love your cowl. I'm with you - ready for Fall!!! Hope you have a great week.

  9. I'm the same at John's work functions, not saying much but wishing I had my knitting with me. I've threatened to take it along to the next dinner! I hope you get pizza next weekend so they don't worry too much! :-)

  10. Despite not getting to talk about knitting, the flowers were beautiful and it sounds like you had a nice weekend. My Sunday was fabulous! I found out I'm going to be a grandma! I'm so excited!! I'm also very much looking forward to autumn.

  11. The floral arrangement was a delight, shame there was no fellow knitters but sounds like a good weekend anyway. Ours was quiet but we managed to get a lot of outside jobs done.

  12. We had a quiet weekend, too, after lots of activity at the end of July and early days of August. We had fun visiting the neighborhood kids' lemonade stand yesterday and enjoyed chatting with their parents before taking a short and hot walk through the rest of our neighborhood.


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