Weekends: Lake Placid

On Thursday morning my husband and I left to drive up to Lake Placid, New York to spend a long weekend with his brother and sister in law.  We had so much fun!  It was nice to be together and explore the area that my husband and I visited seven years ago.

The hotel made a hot mess of our reservations.  We were to have adjoining rooms for three nights but sadly my husband and I had to spend one night in a regular room then switch over to the adjoining room.  The problem was the pricing changes (repeated ones).  An attendant then adjusted our bill on Friday night for two nights instead of three but this morning at check out, I had another battle over the price.  Then another battle on the phone with the manager, every single time I had to explain the situation.

Honestly, it was stressful but luckily that was the only problem.

On Friday morning we headed over the High Falls Gorge.  Super super fun!

Then we headed over the White Face Mountain.  We drove up one mile above sea level and had a panoramic view of everywhere!  I saw Canada (could not say specifically 'where' but the sign said I saw it).  The temps dropped to 40 degrees and the wind was 10-20 miles an hour.  This viewing area was spectacular and there are people who hike this mountain, I honor their physical aptitude. 

Since I have a funny ankle that is getting better, I did not explore the rocks and the uneven surfaces but I really wanted to do it.

We ate out for lunches and dinners and I'm so glad to be home, maybe I'll cook? 

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was lovely with a fair bit of rain that forced me to stay in and knit!

  2. It looks windy but really beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful place to spend the weekend. Such views! Wow.

  4. What a nice weekend! I love little get-aways like that and it looks like you've chosen a gorgeous area. We used to go to the Adirondacks quite a bit...I need to remind Fletch that we should go back. You do look a little chilly in some of the photos!!

  5. Sorry to hear about the reservation struggles, but the rest of your weekend sounds wonderful! Our weekend was good too. A few hours at the beach, some work on the house, lots of relaxing. As it should be.

  6. Oh, my! Those views are amazing! And, it looks like the weather cooperated for you as well!

  7. Fantastic views! Sounds like you had a wonderful and chilly weekend!

  8. Sounds like an amazing weekend, with such stunning views. Ours was quiet just resting after the long trip away, it is nice to be home.

  9. The weekend trip looks wonderful. Heat and humidity kept us pretty close to home for a quiet weekend. I did have coffee with a good friend on Sunday.

  10. Oh You look like you had fun! We had a glitch with the Air B and B in Bayfield. No one was around to give us the keys or a code. My friend who made the reservations felt terrible and was very upset. Finally someone happened by who knew the owner. They said they'd take a nights pay off the bill. We are still waiting for the check.....


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