How was your weekend?  Mine is still going strong since it's Labor Day weekend.  Today, I'm sitting in my family room listening to the rain outside.  It's been steady, soothing and lulling me into a relaxed state of mind.

The past few days as I drove home, the resident heron who lives around here has been sunning himself/herself near the pond's edge at the bottom of my road.  I took that photo from my car with my iphone.  Not too bad!  The best camera is the one in your hand. 

All the signs of fall are around me, thank goodness, I was weary of the heat and humidity.  Give me drizzly rain and degrees under eighty for now.  I've been wearing jeans and sometimes a long sleeve cardigan and reveling in the comfort of autumn arriving soon. 

Our daughter and son in law visited over the weekend.  We spent the afternoon in a neighboring town, walking, sight seeing, shopping and of course eating dinner out.  Yesterday we had simple cookout at home of burgers and hotdogs.  They are leaving sometime today maybe after lunch? 

Because of Mary and her blog post last week, I bought one of the books that she quoted from on a delightful impulse.  I started reading immediately when the book arrived and have been mulling over each and every sentence.  I do love this little community where we share with each other what we are doing, thinking, reading, knitting and creating. 

My knitting has been sparse because of my company but you and I both know that I will be resuming the knitting later on today.  I have high hopes for two new cast ons as well.

So tell me about your weekend!


  1. Sounds like a really lovely weekend! We went to our churches this weekend and had delicious crepes with ice cream and strawberries and a dusting of Cocoa!

  2. All the ingredients of a perfect weekend. Ours was too, lots of family time here pottering about doing this and that together x

  3. Seeing little signs of impending fall here too. The leaves down Cedar Hill Road are beginning to show a bit of color.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Lovely photos of the outdoors around you. It must have been nice to visit with your daughter and son in law. Hope you enjoy the books! This weekend I have been knitting, going to the gym, and will go take some engagement photos later today. I am excited for that! Hope you have a good time knitting today :)

  5. Happy Labor Day! We spent much of yesterday out in the yard pulling weeds. Amazing how well they grow, isn't it? I will have to check out your new book. I just finished Destiny of the Republic and am now reading McKinley and the Assassin. Both books have lots of interesting historical info that wasn't covered in any of the history classes I took.

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful, so glad you had a lovely cozy time.

  7. Lovely cowl, thoughtful books, and I'm so happy with the signs of fall!

  8. I too was so happy to have to put a sweater on in the garden the past few days. We too had rain, but it was a welcome friend for this long weekend!

    AND... short week's for the win!

  9. Love your shot of the Heron! Your weekend sounds lovely. My weekend was a bunch of different things - all good and now it's back to work (and I am not really ready...). The Fall signs are so welcome. Next Saturday - the 7th - the forecast temps look perfect for the NJ Sheep & Wool.

  10. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Mine was spent working and watching the Dorian forecast. It's okay though - work is now officially weekends only until Thanksgiving and I've got plenty of yarn to see me through Dorian... And Dorian just might give me an extra day off this weekend. :)

  11. Herons are so interesting to watch. They are so patient and then strike for food so quickly. I saw signs of Fall - a few leaves dropping and a few turning from green. Our son was here this weekend and we enjoyed his visit. I cast on two new projects - indoors. We are going to have a hot week. One last blast from the summer furnace.


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