this is NOT my cat
 Hello!  How was your weekend?  Well mine was interesting.  I was asked to babysit on Friday afternoon spur of the moment and while I could not do the entire time, I did two hours of the request.  The preschooler was asking me where my carrots and raisins were.  I usually babysit from early morning to early afternoon and share my lunch with her, hence the carrot/raisin request.  Ah little ones, she is a cutie.

She spent lots of time creating art and made a picture of me!  I do like the color red so I see the resemblance.  Sort of.  Not sure about the glitter though and where is my smile??

Saturday was a stay-at-home-until-evening-Mass day.  I got caught up on some much needed filing of papers and I assessed all of my knitting from the past year and made preliminary plans of who receives what for a Christmas present.  I'm scaling down on who I knit for, it was quite intense last year with my manic knitting.  I decided on my 'priority' recipients and then I'm being chill about the runner ups. 

I cannot knit for everyone!

Yesterday I read in the morning then met friends for knitting.  After that I spent eternity trying to transfer my old ipad mini back up to the newest ipad mini that I purchased.  Let me tell you, my brain still aches from all the thinking and googling that I did. 

However, after almost two hours, I'm done.  My old mini has been sluggish for the past year and now Apple has bricked it by not supporting IOS 13 on it.  Oh well, we had some good years together.

I should be done with this delightful knit, sorry for the dark photo but I forgot to snap a photo yesterday during the daylight hours. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Your preschooler's portrait of you certainly looks different than photos of you! But how nice to be the recipient of a child's art work. I miss having it on my refrigerator. Love your orange sassafras leaves and mums - fall is here!

  2. You are flying on that shawl! I love the color progression! I am hoping for some Genevieve drawings to take home with me from my upcoming trip! And, hurrah for signs of fall everywhere!

  3. Love the portrait! The shawl looks great.
    Good thinking about the knitting for Christmas. It's fun to make things for other's, but it shouldn't be stressful.

  4. Love that picture! Eurgh technology we can't live without it but it is such a pain when things don't go smoothly isn't it, glad to hear that you got it sorted eventually.

    Your weekends always make me want to be in your house, they always sounds so wonderful and nourishing. Hope you have a lovely week.

  5. That sounds like a nice low key way to spend the weekend. And the weather has also been so nice.

  6. I feel your transfer pain!!!!! Seems many of us are scaling back on the frantic Christmas knitting. Though last year I decided to make some hat ornaments at the last minute and it made it feel more like a holiday!

  7. Welcome autumn. That little preschooler sounds like a sweetheart and an up and coming artist. The orange mums are as beautiful as your shawl. We had a tease of autumn weather and then a hot day today. Technology is a challenge at times. At least you got the data transferred - eventually. Sometimes I think upgrades by Apple are a way to strong arm us into more purchasing.

  8. I already wondered what had happened to the colour, with that cat photo... Does Holly actually ever/often sits on your lap like that anyway ? Ah, autumn leaves ! I love them ! Over here we have some very beautiful colouring of the leaves as well, such a delight.
    Another thing I wondered.... where are you other two eyes ? hahaha... My niece had made such a nice drawing of me as well, when she was younger. Turned out I actually don't have arms or hands, according to the young artist...

    1. Holly does not sit on anybodies lap...yet. Since she was a wee kitten rescue I think she has issues with people. She hides from nearly everyone except me and my husband. She will sit beside my husband and put her paw on his forearm. Every morning I pick her up and kiss her, she doesn't like it but every day she gets better at tolerating my love!

  9. Oh my! Those mums are Gorgeous! Love the shawl too. Glad you got your new kindle working. I'm afraid I'm going to have to get another soon. I'm having to turn mine off and back on Way more often than I should to make it work properly.

  10. Grey is a popular color this year in kittens; the teen and I saw so many at the pet store. Loved the question asked by the toddler; too cute and her drawing made me smile as I think many littles draw like that in the beginning.


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