owl at the festival

How was your weekend? 

Mine was a mixture of being laidback and having fun.  On Saturday morning, I drove to a nearby country store to begin my Christmas shopping for my side of the family.  I managed to buy gifts for many on my list and of course I indulged on a few gifts for myself.

In the afternoon we spontaneously decided to go to a neighboring town's festival and had a great time walking around with manageable crowds.  We ate unhealthy food (!).  The weather was perfect with a light jacket. 

Sunday morning the deer were in my yard.  They are so bold, I can walk right up and snap photos as they stare at me.  They always come around this time of year because all too soon deer hunting season will start and I guess they know my yard is a no kill zone.  Deer are smart.  I'm interested to see what they will eat in my yard now that we planted deer resistant bushes.

We took a walk down the dirt road with Frodo and I noticed the leaves are changing too quickly for me.  It seems like yesterday I was wishing for fall to arrive, now I'm wishing for the colors to slow down so I can watch them. 

I started another pair of mitts - this pair is a gift. 

How was your weekend?


  1. We have deer here and thankfully no hunting as we are in the suburbs. I love them even though they eat all my flowers.

  2. Perfect! It was very quiet and that was exactly what I needed!

  3. I am enjoying a three day weekend. Hopefully I will get a long over due blog post completed today. Fall has finally arrived but it is so dry here our colors are very brown and parched. The cool weather is wonderful.

  4. I wonder if anybody told the deer that you planted deer-resistant shrubs! In our yard they tend to eat whatever they want to. Love that owl photo!

  5. Look at that owl!!!!

    And that spider!!!!! -giggles-

    Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    Nice weather here, so it was a nice weekend, that way. Sunday was the Full Harvest Moon, and I am valiantly trying to overcome my fear of such. (Fear because of many un-nice things happening, around Full Moons) So I kind of had to work on this.... And any work, is not conducive to a hippity-happy weekend. -grin-

    Yes, the leaves are turning, quite quickly. I notice it particularly, looking out our downstairs front room bedroom. At the delightful little woods, which occupy the area, across the street. Bright reds, there "yesterday," are gone "today" and etc.

    Gentle hugs...


  6. Love the owl!! And the new mitts. My weekend was a mixed bag - some fun family time, but an early morning visit to the dentist today....

  7. Love that Owl. Those deer are so close, I bet they are nuisance though eating all your lovely garden. My weekend was spend suffering a migraine, it was awful but I am glad that I feel better now and had the time to rest and recharge.

  8. Our deer are also very confident.. they come all the way up to our patio and stare right at us.
    You have been hitting up so many markets.. look like fun.

  9. um yes...about that owl! We got to see a tiny screech owl at our halloween haunt on friday night. The deer are FREAKIN me out! Stay far away from the roads and me please! I cannot wait to get the truck back and return the rental. I swear our deer whistles work to keep the deer away!

  10. We saw deer at dusk as we drove home Sunday. We spent a long weekend in Texas with our son and his family so it was a very good weekend. We also traveled safely.

  11. Seems like a lovely festival, that owl looks lovely..
    Yes, I, too, wish that the coloured leaves would stay on the trees for a while longer. Still I enjoy the colder weather though, hooray for handknits :)

  12. My last weekend was spend mostly on the couch, but we did go out for a drive and I saw how quickly our colors are changing, too. I walked a short distance yesterday and was shocked at the range of color in our little neighborhood. Fall is coming and going too quickly. I hear we have snow coming in next week! If that ends up being true many of the leaves will fall. Fickle this autumn is.

  13. We never did get to a country fair this autumn, which I'm disappointed about. I love wandering through all the exhibits! Our weekend was lowkey because I was recuperating from minor sinus surgery. It was nice to have my husband cook all weekend! : ) . I started working on a wedding shawl for Mary and found a nice snowflake pattern to use for wedding favor ornaments. I'm getting so excited about the wedding! : )

  14. Don't know if my comment went through?

    1. This comment went through but there isn't any other on my end :)


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