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Good morning!  My it's good to be back on a Friday posting. How was your first full week of the new year? I have been blissfully enjoying being home and going nowhere day after day after day. Yesterday the sun came out and we took a brisk walk, even though it was cold it was so good to be outside.

Holly has been up to new adventures this week. She sneaks into the family room where I am sitting and knitting and ever so slowly creeps up to spy on Frodo sleeping.  He is snoring away so he doesn't know she is gazing at him lovingly. So far she has done this twice, the first time she had a look of concern, the second time (the above photo) she seemed curious.

I know many of you choose a word for the year and I love to read about how you came about choosing your meaningful words. I've been thinking of themes for my 2021. 


I've been reading about mindfulness and meditation for about two months as well as doing meditation twice a day. So far, I find that this practice helps me to be in the moment and to be present. I will continue reading and practicing through this year.


I enjoyed having a daily prompt for sketching through December, now that the prompts are over my sketching is over. This week I'm either going to create my own prompts or figure out a way to motivate myself to improve my sketching on a daily basis.


After many months of knitting for loved ones, I am knitting selfishly and enjoying  non-deadline projects on the needles. I've got a hat, a shawl and that sweater going at the same time. It's been nice! Last year had me digging through deep stash for projects and I'd like 2021 to be more of the same stash busting (to make room for more yarns?).


I do exercise frequently but I could be exercising more! I wish the weather would cooperate with a daily walk but I am not walking through rain, sleet, ice or bitter cold.  This is when I miss the gym the most. Since I am not in control of the weather, I'm toying with doing daily yoga. The days that I do strength training tend to be wonderful days - I'd like to have yoga on the off days.


There are closets, nooks and crannies that could do with a going through and getting rid of frenzy. I've made a list of these areas and now I need to pick one a week and tackle them.

Do you have a word? A resolution? Themes?


  1. What sweet pictures of Holly. No word for me this year and I never make resolutions. I started doing the 30 day Breath series with Adrienne, but I can't do every day - too much pain! BUT, my yoga jellies arrived yesterday and I love them. They will help a lot with my wrist pain when I do yoga. I have been working out some. No walking - it has been way too windy and cold for me. I don't like it HOT, but wind is not my friend - lol.

  2. I have never chosen a "word of the year". I do, however, make a game plan for the first 3 month of the year. That is when we have wonderful weather that doesn't fry your skin. This year, hubby and I are doing an 91 day declutter challenge to rid our home of unnecessary "stuff". I have also set goals for exercise both physical and spiritual, for the year. There are sewing and knitting classes I wish to take once our weather becomes hotter than hades.

    Holly is such a pretty cat. Her facial expressions are so fun to see. If Frodo would just let her close, I think they would become fast friends.

  3. What meditation program do you follow? I would like to learn how to do this. Thanks! So enjoy your posts!

    1. I use the Insight Timer app on my phone. I noodle around trying different guided meditations. The free version has lots to choose from, I did subscribe for a year to have access to the courses.

  4. Hi Karen,
    ...I don't really have a theme for the year...I did one of those find-the-words-for-the-year thingies on Facebook...and my words were I kind of took that with a grain of salt...haha...although...DO...and creation seem to fit pretty well...maybe I should be outside in the MUD more often...(or maybe get into pottery...haha)...and alignment might speak to a good fit after all...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Holly is a beautiful little kitty. My cat Nugget creeps up on my little old Beefy boy when he's sleeping, but it usually ends with a slap in the face for unsuspecting Beefy, poor thing. My word of the year is Hope, I'm sure it's probably a common one this year. As you know I'm doing 30 day challenges for myself this year instead of a theme or resolution. I have been trying some yoga too this year on the days the weather didn't cooperate for my walks, so far so good. You have some great focus for this year - enjoy! :)

  6. I just discovered Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and it's wonderful. Hundreds of different videos, long and short for whatever mood you are in. I am currently doing her 30 day Breath session and it is very gentle to start. Just what I needed for the new year.

  7. What a sweetheart Holly is! I love how she continues to try to understand what makes Frodo tick. Like you, I spent this past week reflecting on goals for this year and mine are very similar to yours. I do hope to get yoga in at least twice a week and agree with Connie; Yoga with Adriene is a great site. I'm also hoping to get more writing in this year. I'm so glad to read that you are enjoying meditation! It definitely grounds me. I often use the guided meditations offered from Tara Brach. She has a catalog of varying lengths and her voice is so soothing. Happy New Year!

  8. No, I'm poop at stuff like that. Holly's probably wondering why Frodo isn't paying attention to her or chasing her.

  9. Holly's antics make me laugh! And getting back to selfish knitting is so much fun, isn't it?? (I have a list of things to go through as well!)

  10. OH Declutter is an awesome idea! I love that beautiful light yellow kitty! Holly is a dolly.

  11. Making a list of themes in various areas is a great idea. I have a little decluttering to do in our basement storage area. Going through all the Christmas stuff and then the snowman collection last week is motivating me to do a section at a time. I am also knitting mostly for myself although I have a grand nephew whose first birthday is in March and I want to knit a stuffie for him. I like to choose a word for the year in order to enrich my life. This year - season.

  12. I sure do need to declutter, and I agree that it's nice to be knitting w/o a deadline. Love those Holly photos!


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