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My husband and brother in law worked all day Tuesday removing overgrown bushes and trimming trees. Now you can see the front door. There's a large resident toad that is unsure what has happened lucky for him they left a few bushes. I like how the house is shaping up inside and outside.

I know I'm not supposed to wish for Fall but that's where my mind is going these days and if I mentally stay there it's going to be a long time for mid-September to show up. 

On Tuesday I met my new to me family doctor who is newish doctor and seems young (but I'm 'old'). He was the doctor I saw at express care the Friday before who sent me to ER who then sent me home saying I need to see my primary care doctor which I didn't have until mid September. One of the downsides of moving is establishing medical care, the appointments are scheduled 1-2 months out. Anyways, my new primary care doctor just joined the practice and got me into the schedule (I was his first patient), I really, really liked him. He has tweaked my blood pressure medicine and ordered more blood tests and now I wait four weeks to see if the tweak helps with my headaches and blood pressure. So far, I'm feeling much better. I think that's a good sign.

To help my cause, I've been watching my salt intake and added sugar intake. What a slog. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE salt. I've resumed exercising the past two weeks and hope to get out walking again if the humidity and high temperatures go down. 

My body has betrayed me during this move. First a flare then a health hiccup. Maybe I'm done showboating and can be a boring person again.

Poor Frodo has had a rough couple of days, he is terrified of thunderstorms, which have occurred three days in a row. He pants and paces and digs into the carpet. I do my best to swaddle him, shut the curtains and doors and blare the TV to drown out the thunder while avoiding his snippy attitude. I'm going to go deaf but these techniques seem to work. What we do for the pets! 


  1. The outside of your house is looking good! Your husband and BiL deserve extra accolades for working in the heat and humidity. I'm glad you got to see your dr., and that you like him. As his first patient, I bet he'll be even more diligent with your care. I hope you continue to improve and feel better!

  2. Oh goodness, then outside of your home is a mirror image of the home we had in Springfield PA. I loved that house! Your husband has been very busy. He has done a great job giving your home lovely curb appeal. I am glad you were able to find a new Doctor so quickly. And to find a young one is even more of a plus. I hope the tweek of your meds helps you get back on track. Higs to Frodo. My 2 fur babies are terrified of our monsoon storms with the high winds, blowing dust and thunderstorms. Fireworks but them into panic mode too.

  3. Your lovely young doctor sounds wonderful. Sometimes when they are new they really take the time to listen to you and research what is going on. My Bear spends loads of time in his crate during the summer thunderstorms. He does not like them at all, while Hank doesn't even bat an eye about them. Stay well.

  4. That all sounds promising with your health checks. Poor Frodo. I know there's plug in calmer meds for cats... feliway. Maybe there's something similar for calming dogs in storms etc x

  5. What a beautiful home, and your living room is so cozy with the bookcases and fireplace. Love it! Poor Frodo…. Our fur baby does the same thing and nothing we do seems to help. He hides behind the loveseat panting and then falls to sleep.

  6. Wow - I love your home! Beautiful. I also love the built-in bookcase by your fireplace. So nice. Glad you found a doctor you like and are feeling better. Have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  7. What a lovely home and how nice to have help for some of those bigger projects. I have started eating quinoa with chia and berries for breakfast.

  8. Your house is huge. I'm envious. I'm glad to read the new doctor works for you. Hope his opinion helps. Hug for Frodo.

  9. Your house is beautiful!

    Wishing you good luck with the changes in medical care. I know what you mean. We had to find new primary doctors, dentists, endo, etc... Then our dentist retired and we started all over again with a new one. I think we are finally set. LOL

    We've had those crazy storms too. Wednesday night was awful and we need a new porch roof. Waiting for the roofer to call with a quote. YIKES!

  10. Poor Frodo! I hope you continue to feel better! Moving is very stressful and you did a lot of physical work packing up your old home! God bless and keep you!

  11. Fantastic yard work. THat takes a lot of muscle. We will likely be gardening much of tomorrow. I love to be working there. I still move stuff around in August. Poor Pups and storms. THey do get so frightened.

  12. What a gorgeous house! Looks like you are knitting a blanket or something (hopefully!) fun. I hope the med tweaks make a wonderful difference. What an interesting claim you have to be the doctor's first patient!

    1. I am knitting a baby blanket for our first grandchild due early February

  13. Your house is so lovely, Karen! And I am with poor Frodo on these storms... enough, thank you!

    I am sending you all the good thoughts that this hiccup is over soon and you are back to you boring (as if!!) self!

  14. settling in a new location is always tough...way beyond the actual move. Hoping you are on the positive end of this stressful period!!!

  15. Karen, your house is beautiful! I love brick homes. I'm sorry to read that you are struggling with headaches and blood pressure woes on top of you RA. I've been having a difficult time with headaches as well, I seem to have a number of triggers. I hope the tweaks your new doctor tried do the trick! xo

  16. Hi Karen,
    ...that looks like a lot of work outside...and I hope your medical concerns all get settled soon...storms don't bother our Jack so much any at 16 I don't think he hears much...poor thing...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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