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Around here it looks like fall but it feels like summer. Those days are numbered and I'm patiently waiting for cool breezes and seeing my breath in the early morning moments and being cold, hopefully sooner than later. How are you? 

I've been busy with....knitting! Yes I finally feel like my pre-moved self and have been sitting and knitting while listening to old podcasts (I am 1-2 months behind). When I am not knitting, I am reading also playing catchup to made my reading goals I set before I even knew I was going to move. I just might make the goal but it's okay if I do not make it.

Some time this month the awning guy will arrive and take down and store my shaded patio area. My husband and I love to sit out here and eat lunch. Frodo loves to sit and watch the dog walkers on the road (and bark at them) or be dazzled by the family of chipmunks that pop up in one hole run right in front of him to disappear in another hole. I can't tell what he is thinking - he watches, no barking and chasing, is he too stunned to do anything?

When we first moved here we felt like we were on a vacation but now I think we are feeling like we are more at home than before. It's a weird thing to move after decades of not moving. 

In other news, I've unearthed all my cross stitching supplies and have high hopes to stitch some new and old projects. I'm hoping my eyesight will support this endeavor. 

As always thank you for visiting and reading and if you comment - I read each one! I try to visit you as best as I can with the info provided in your link or profile. 


  1. Your writing sounds more like your pre-moving self, a bit more relaxed and enjoying things more. I'm glad you are busy with knitting, reading, and looking forward to some cross-stitching. I look forward to seeing some of your endeavors!

  2. Nice to hear that you are feeling at home now! Welcome back - LOL. I agree with Bonny about your writing - it is more pre-move style and that is nice. Glad your knitting mojo is back. I have the mojo, but am lacking the time! Life/work is so freakin' busy right now. I'm looking forward to the end of the month when things should slow down a bit (fingers crossed) and the temps will cool down. I always enjoy seeing your projects, so am looking forward to seeing more.

  3. I think your new place looks lovely, and I love the photos you are showing. And having a nice outdoor area to sit and watch the world go by is always a good thing.

  4. That first paragraph...exactly the same here. Your patio area looks nice that you two have that space for lunches (and other). And your autumn sedum looks beautiful! I always wait for the turning of my of the first nods toward fall...and the cold you and I so love. :)

  5. So glad you are feeling like your premove self again. You have a lovely backyard area to sit and enjoy. I did chuckle about Frodo and his new chipmunk friends. That must be something to watch. We are waiting for our fall to kick in 100%. It is almost there. Need to shave off about another 10-15° for it to fully hit.

  6. It really takes time to feel oneself in a new place!! ❤

  7. Hi Karen,
    ...your baby blanket is progressing nicely...and I love your covered patio...we just covered my Mom's patio for her birthday...hopefully she'll love it as much as you do...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. It IS a weird thing about moving. For the longest time I felt like I was living in "The George's" house. People here still call it that. Oh ... you live in the George house. Well, I guess that was bound to happen in a small town where the same family has owned this house since the 1950s. Slowly, it is coming around to feeling like home.

    Same here with the weather. The trees across the street are dropping their leaves quickly. Not sure we are going to "see" a lot of color this year. I'm sure looking forward to the cooler temps soon.

  9. Glad your home is starting to feel like yours. Finding 'hidden treasures' in unpacking is fun though. Reminds me I still have a couple of boxes still left to empty, lol.

  10. I forgot to ask in my last comment: I'm always looking for interesting podcasts. Have any that you recommend?

    1. I just listed them on my most resent post! Hopefully other commenters will chime in with their favorites.

  11. It sounds like you are becoming more comfortable with your home and surroundings. Love the blanket you are working on and sounds like you are settling in with a lot of things in mind. Your patio is so lovely and looks like the perfect spot for morning coffee.

  12. I love your new home and yard. That covered patio is so inviting. It does take quite a while to get adjusted to a new home after moving. We have moved quite a bit and there is always that settling in and adjusting period. Hope you have a good weekend. We have cold rain falling here and we may get a little snow this weekend.

  13. Around here it is dusty and the leaves are slowly changing colors. Tomorrow a front is supposed to come through and cool things off. Fingers crossed. I agree with the others, you sound more like your pre-moving self. It does take awhile.

  14. How nice that shade must be in the heat. Fun to have 1unch out there. Our stonecrop is at about the same p1ace as yours. Just 1ove1y


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