October Goodness


Finally, it is October! Are you celebrating? Are you excited? All through end of July, all of August and half way through September I've been pining for October. This is the secret sauce month of Autumn and we are finally finally here.

In my planner I have set up some monthly pages, one of which is 'October Ideas'. This page will be the catchall brain dump of what I'd like to do, or investigate during the month. Usually I write each week what I want to do but I have to carry it over to another week (sometimes repeatedly). Maybe a monthly catchall place will work for me.

Near where I live there are plenty of farmer's markets and there is one in particular that is a compound of buildings. They have a few animals for children to say 'hi' to and chat with, you can feed them some food as well. I snapped the photo of this sweet pig (hog??). I'll be missing the big fair that was close to my old home. I find it weird that the last time at the big fair I didn't know it was my last time at the big fair. Same with my last time at a state park etc. I could go on. On the flip side, I go to new places and after the very first time there will be many more times and that is exciting to look forward to revisiting.

My morning routine has been honed to a fine balance of daily journaling, praying and spiritual reading, this starts the day of quite nicely. I also write down what I am grateful for each and every single day in my journal as well as at night in the planner.

This past week we (meaning he) planted two mums and one aster to make the flower beds our very own. My husband has worked hard clearing out the overgrown front yard beds, mulching them and moving plants around. Our neighbor across the street knows tons about gardening and she is always at the ready for advice or sharing of her plants. I like having neighbors.

I hope your October is wonderful and filled with good things.


  1. Once the kids were grown up, I used to think about the last time I did things with them but I didn't know it was the last time. The last time I read Goodnight Moon, when I stopped reading to them every night before bed, the last time I laid down with them before they fell asleep. It's probably a good thing we don't know all the last times we do things or we'd forever be in a state of poignant remembrance.

  2. October is the month we're we normally see the end of the triple digit temperature days. So it is one of my favorite months too. You start your day as I do. Sets the mood for the entire day.

  3. I'm more of a Spring person because October heads us into our really dark days of winter. The coming rains though will be very welcome this year as it's been an incredibly dry summer. Are you too far away to visit your old favorite places? Hope not.

  4. Hi Karen,
    ....I'm looking forward to some cooler fall weather for sure...and we have managed to stay in the 80s for a couple of weeks now...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. October is the best month of all! Thank you for sharing your plans and journaling with us.

  6. Hurray for October , my favorite month of all! Your morning routine sounds like a lovely routine.

  7. I love October
    Pumpkin spiced latte
    Pumpkin donuts
    Pumpkins on piers

  8. I hope you manage to achieve everything you want to this month! it's nice you are getting your garden organised too :) I think journaling is a great idea.

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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