Hello! How are you doing? 

This past week I've been pondering about a mindfulness prompt in a book I'm reading throughout the year, A Year of Living Mindfully by Anna Black. It's a really nice book and I've enjoyed the prompts throughout this year.

Anyways the prompt this week was to consider what you believe to be nourishing or draining. I've thought about this all week long. My obvious nourishing events are knitting and reading. But over the course of the week I've added some surprising concepts to the nourishing list and challenged my draining list.

I had the opportunity to help my cousin at her house with her preparing for company this past week. I found helping her nourishing to me, an added bonus was making her very happy. I also initially considered walking 150 minutes draining because of the amount of time it takes to get that done and I'm not doing other 'things' but then I changed my mind because I am nourishing my physical health which is just as important as mental health, right?

I've been contemplating on how I 'don't like to cook' and I'd 'rather be knitting'. Again I am challenging this hard set idea with how cooking is nourishing and is a necessity of life. I do like to eat good food so maybe I need to adjust my attitude. I'm sure that is going to take me a while to change my attitude but it's thought provoking.

What nourishes you? What drains you? Can't wait to read your comments.

In other news, Holly the cat is glorious bold in the photo sitting in the same room as the sleeping Frodo. Frodo did exceedingly well at the new vet checkup this past week and I loved the new vet. I've been doing daily sketching once again (creating art is nourishing). Yesterday we hung up new curtains in the kitchen and I love the softness of the eating area now. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. This idea of paying attention to what is life giving and what is life draining keeps showing up in my reading and listening too. I love your small illustrations paired with words. Lovely

  2. I view cooking as nourishing, but I like to take my time with it and not make dinner in a rush. Grocery shopping is draining for me, and I will be glad when I don't have to go to the store in MD and NJ!

  3. That is very thought-provoking. I admire how you are turning draining into nourishing. Such a positive approach. Holly is such a gorgeous cat. That is a great photo of her too.

  4. I have to say, this post is titled "Pondering" and it sure looks like Holly is pondering something. (If she's like my cats it's probably "what's for lunch?")

    1. she is thinking 'is Frodo asleep? Is it okay to enter this room without being chased?

  5. This is the kind of post I 1ove. You are he1ping me understand me. Thank you. When I am anxious I do not eat we11. I bare1y eat. It is a sign that I am draining myse1f even nutririona11y. I am stressed right now but soon that wi11 change and unti1 then, I'm nourishing myse1f with 1ots of water and sma11 eats. I think I've to1d you that cerea1 is a fine dinner. Or Fresh bread, fresh fruit and some nice cheese and a few nuts.

    What do I find draining right now?
    I have very 1itt1e contro1 over my 1ife . A fami1y member needs surgery soon and it is draining to me during the day. Why is it , that as the sun sets, as I go onto my porch (now insu1ated and with a heater) and 1ight the pumpkin......I fee1 nourished. I fee1 nourished with s1eep.

    tootsie ro11s (its my 1ist right?)
    cats in my house to pet and p1ay with
    making a fire in the fire pit
    knitting of course

    anybody e1ses prob1ems right now. . Norma11y I vo1unteer and I do a survey if asked...but right now, my focus is my fami1y. Period. I have to give this my a11. A1so draining: this computer and its issues. But I can't work on it now.

    1. anyone else's problems are the worst and yet I'm in the first position to try to solve!

  6. Nourishing to me is being out in nature - gardening, walking and hiking. I also love reading. Draining is dealing with any kind of drama. Right now, my job (teaching high school) has become draining as well, which is sad because I used to find it nourishing. Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. What an interesting book. I need to look for it at the library. The new curtains look lovely in that spot. Softness and quiet are always nourishing to me.

  8. Nourishing: Reading, knitting, getting together with a friend.

    Draining: Talking on the phone

  9. I'll have to give that some thought. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how I am grateful for so many small things. My back is finally healing and I am now physically able to do simple chores around the house like wash dishes and do the laundry. After not being able to do those things for several months, I'm pretty excited and grateful to do them now. I wonder how long that feeling will last. LOL Great drawings btw!

  10. Nourishing: reading, walks on country roads, meditation, any kind of crafting.
    Draining: large crowds, worrying, meeting new people (but also nourishing, right? Drains my energy, nourishes my life)
    I would have to say my anxiety is the most draining part of my life but I’m more and more mindful of it and my tools are working! Great post, Karen! Visiting you definitely falls in the nourishing column. 💕

    1. I've learned to manage my anxiety quite well for almost a year :)

  11. Life giving and Life draining are two lists I make each month - I love reflecting on what I'm doing (or not doing!) through that lens. One on one time with a friend is life giving; and I have a friend who lives in another state - we chat on the phone while we walk once a week and that's a double blessing for us both.

  12. I hate cooking too. Love food, hate cooking and all the mess that comes with it. batch cooking is my friend, haha! I can cook a pasta bake one night and that will generate leftovers, that kind of thing.

    Hope you had a good weekend :) We made the most of the nice sunny days after a rainy week, with a local market event and a morning at the park.

    Away From The Blue

  13. Nourishing to me is spending time with my husband on a Sunday morning embracing the sunrise together over coffee. Time reading is a good thing too!

  14. The book you are reading sounds fascinating! I have been thinking about habits lately... but perhaps I should be thinking about what is draining and what is filling because the habits fall in both of those buckets. I think that some draining things are unavoidable... laundry is that thing for me. But I make it infinitely better by listening to a good book while I do those draining chores. Are they still draining? Yes, but they don't empty me if I pair them with something that fills me.

    Such good thoughts here today! Thank you!


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