Comfort and Joy

How are you? Around here things are settling down in the daily schedule. All of my packages have been sent and I am officially done with holiday shopping! I'm looking forward to enjoying the lull between now and the New Year. I might do some Christmas baking, but then again, I might not. 

These days what brings me comfort and joy are: 

twinkle lights - slow and easy knitting -  talking with the kids - a crossed off to-do list -  sketching and doodling - knitting for myself for a change - knitting with really nice wool - simple dinners - bird watching through the kitchen window while I do some dishes - friendships in real life and on line - the kindness of others - outdoor holiday decorations - the colors red and green - fountain pens - journaling - aspirations for the new year - family living near by - 

What brings you comfort and joy?

Yesterday we went out for an early lunch at a cafe in a local town, it was nice to be out - we rarely are out anymore and I have to say it will be many many weeks until we are out again. Of course I happened to be in a yarn store and of course I bought some yarn, as you do.

Frodo was out of sorts for a few days, I think he pulled a neck or back muscle - all he would do is sit and stare and refuse to eat off the floor, he wanted it handed to him. He's acting normal once again but gosh it was unnerving to have him stare me down. It was like he was trying to tell me telepathically what was wrong!

Holly is up to her antics, she gets super excited when it's time for bed and knows her nemesis will be coming up the stairs, she likes to hide and then jump out in front of him. He acts shocked every single time. Truly they are friends but at a huge distance and of course on the cat's terms only. Frodo never leads the friendships or interactions. 



  1. Frodo and Holly -= so cute! I do hope Frodo is ok. It's hard when you know something is wrong with a pet but they are unable to verbalize what is wrong! Lunch out and a yarn shop sounds so lovely. And your list of comfort and joy brought me comfort and joy! I read somewhere that someone refers to the time between Christmas and New Years as "the hush" time. I like that. I need to wrap gifts, but I think my shopping is complete. Whew!

  2. It's lovely that so much of your comfort and joy can be found at home, and also wonderful to get out to lunch and a yarn store once in a while!

  3. How lovely to be on the quiet side of holiday prep. My comfort and joy are coming from our two little people these days. So excited for you to have a tiny person in your life soon.

  4. A cup of tea and my knitting bring me joy.

    I'm glad to read that Frodo is feeling better and got a good laugh about the "Holly attack".

  5. Today was our last day for running around finishing up small things. Like you. I am now hunkered down until Christmas eve when we will go to Mass and then have family dinner on Christmas day. Knitting, journaling and crossing off my to do list is bringing me great joy. The photo of Frodo is excellent. He looks quite regal. Holly blends into the carpet. I almost missed her.

  6. Enjoying your home, your knitting, your fur babies and more sounds just like me. We are easing into the next few weeks slowly and savoring the peace and quiet of our home. I am finding joy again in drawing, it makes me so happy! Have a wonderful weekend 😊

  7. I love hearing about Frodo and Holly! Bo can be unnerving as well when he wants something. He'll just stare and stare with sometimes a little whine thrown in. : ). Like you, I am all ready for the holidays and plan on just relaxing and enjoying this next week. We had wonderful news, our oldest daughter is engaged! Her fiancé popped the question when they were on holiday last week, but the rest of us had known for weeks it would happen, LOL! Something extra to celebrate this year! xo

  8. I hope Frodo is on the mend. To me, he looks sad in the photo and how hard he can't tell you what is wrong. Your list of comfort and joy makes me happy. I need to finish writing my holiday cards but other than that we are enjoying a quiet week. We have been to in-person church for three weeks but will watch the live stream on Christmas Eve. I'm glad you got out. It is such a mixed bag - I want to go but sometimes when I'm out I don't feel completely safe. Although one of my LYS' s is very good about masks and so I shop there when I need to shop for yarn. I also go when during the week when it is not apt to be busy.

  9. I hope Frodo is on the mend too! Sherman has done the same thing (how, we have no idea!) He is a little limpy and happy to stay snuggled next to me!

  10. oh that sweater! sending healing wishes for Frodo ... Holly had another not-great night and has spent much of today snuggled beside me. She does bring me comfort and joy (but more so when she's not up all night!)


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