Sparking Creativity

How are you all doing? How's your June month unfolding? 

I've been pondering about creativity and how it ebbs and flows. Honestly last week was spectacular, I was casting on new knitting projects and completing art journaling pages one after the other. I basked in my creative pursuits. However, I wondered about when there is NOT a drop of creativity to be found, what do you do? 

The number one action I always take with a non-creative state of mind is to just let it be. I've been a creative for so long that I know that it is temporary. I know that eventually I will be doing something creative eventually. Sometimes, I move towards new creative ideas or projects or I marathon read a bunch of novels while waiting for that creative spark.

I've found that it's okay to not want to knit, or draw, or write. 

To be honest, I sometimes do not feel like writing my blog (what!!). I wonder if there is anything else to say in the space that I haven't already said before. I wonder if I repeat myself.  However, I was the kid that that was always talking during class. I felt like I would burst if I didn't talk. So I talk and write about everything and nothing at all.

What works for me is to continually show up on a regular basis:  on this blog, at my knitting, or with my artwork but being okay if I am not producing measurable content. It's okay to knit one row and set the project aside. 

I find inspiration from: all of you who leave a kind comment and share your journeys in this small community, strolling around on ravelry and seeing other knits, talking with other creatives, listening to podcasts or watching you-tube videos. 

Isn't it wonderful to know that while one of us might be having low inspiration, someone else is high on inspiration and that sparks something deep inside a creative person. Connections with other creatives seems to be the solution for me.

So what sparks your creativity? Where do you go for some new ideas?



  1. Love your dragonflies!! So pretty. Like you, I get inspiration and ideas from the blogs I read and friends. I have not been knitting or stitching as much as I would like lately, but that is more due to the busy-ness of my work days. Luckily that will change (hopefully maybe this afternoon??).

  2. Your art journaling is lovely! I'm with you on "let it be", and also agree that reading others' blogs always provides inspiration. Creativity does ebb and flow and we may just have to rest in stillness until it returns.

  3. I am likewise with you on "let it be" ... but I have found that sometimes trying something new sparks creativity. I am so enjoying the watercolor classes... each time I watch them I learn something new!

  4. I'm like you .........sometimes I just need a little break from blogging. Nothing is wrong, but nothing inspires me to write. And, that's okay. Knitting? I power through. Sometimes knitting is something I live for. Sometimes it is just something to do because I don't have anything else to do. I just keep moving on through. Cross stitch? If the mojo isn't there I just put it away for awhile.

    When I feel like there is nothing creative going on, I'll dig through stash. Usually *something* inspires me again.

    Hope you have a good and creative weekend.

  5. Your "paintings" are great! And keeping on is important. :)

  6. I like the variety of your creativity. I have never really had a big lull in my creative juices. I have so many different interests that I can usually find one of them that inspires me. I do find getting into reading can be the break that I need. Your watercolors are so pretty. Frodo looks content sleeping next to you while you are knitting. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I think you are onto something with just letting the non-creative moments be. I think of those times as a wintering - a time be quiet and rest - or let my brain rest. I do believe it is a cycle.

  8. A lovely post Karen. It is so true that there is a wonderful community out there on line which is whatever we make of it. It is not quite the same as doing it face to face is it but it is a great alternative to that and if it gives us inspiration that has to be a good thing!

    I am learning to let things be when the creativity feels absent, it has not been easy but I am getting there. Like you I look for creativity online and with friends in real life. It is amazing how we can do a few searches and have those things at our finger tips in an instant.

  9. That journal page is so inviting! I'm still meaning to bring out the watercolors and Just Try! how this post sparked MY creativity!!


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