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Good morning!

Isn't Holly funny in that photo? She snuck into the 'dog' zone while Frodo was snoring away beside me in the afternoon. I looked up and there she was, surveying the room - she is always shocked he is sleeping right there beside me. Her adventurous spirit never ceases to amaze me.

We have discovered that Holly hates thunderstorms and quietly hides somewhere in the house. Frodo, bless him, is deaf and cannot hear them anymore which is wonderful since he would tremble so! We close the blinds so that he cannot see flashing light from the lightning just in case that upsets him.

We had a wonderful day of rain, thunder and tiny bits of lightning yesterday. Such a refreshing change of weather after the heat and humidity. 

I've been enjoying my classes so far, especially Tai Chi (which is using different muscles than my yoga!). The instructor is fun and the class members all have a willing spirit. 

I've been bitten by the knitting bug, in that I want to knit all the things! September does that to me every single time. I sit and mentally plot out what I want to knit and in what order to knit them in. This enthusiastic motivation breathes new life in my creating mind. What a wonderful place to be.


  1. Tai chi- what a fun adventure. I feel like I am learning how to walk again now that I am out of the boot. Funny how much we take our movements for granted.

  2. I really, reallly would like to get back to Tai Chi. I loved it when I took classes. So, the knitting bug has bitten...what will you be knitting? When we were first married, our cat, Boots, would hide under the bed when there was a storm or fireworks.

  3. I love your stocking! The red is very fun. You have shared some great pictures this week. I, too, have the knitting bug. Our baby shower is next Sunday and Im still working on the sweater! I better get cracking!

  4. Giroux sometimes goes under the sofa when it is storming. Otherwise, I don't think thunder and lightning bother him too much. I have noticed HE takes notice of fireworks now. He didn't use to AND he will jump if a particularly loud truck goes by. I guess he is getting noise-cranky in his later years. LOL

    Holly is ADORABLE. I'm so glad you took her in. She's a beauty!

  5. I love the pictures of the pink flowers and the deer in your yard, as well as the cute picture of Holly. Rain can be a nice change, especially when it brings temperatures down. So glad you are getting a lot of knitting done. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  6. It's thundering out here as well and I'm hoping it'll take the humidity and heat down a bit.
    I still remember the day you found Holly.

  7. Tai Chi sounds so interesting ... leaving the boys' baseball this afternoon I saw it advertised on too-small-to-read-from-my-car sign ... hope I remember to check it out the next time I'm there. I, too, have been bitten by the knit-all-the-things bug, which mostly means I've been knitting slowly on my Soldotna and planning LOTS of sweaters in my head. Happy Weekend!

  8. I'd like to try Tai-Chi. Once I had a yoga instructor who incorporated a bit of it into her class. It was fun. Poor Holly. Some animals are so afraid of thunderstorms. Enjoy your cooler days. I look forward to seeing what the knitting bug brings to your needles and project bags.

  9. I hope your weekend has been brilliant! It has been cooler (which is lovely) but the humidity... sigh.


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