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Sparking Happiness

future project not yet chosen As you know, I've been sketching on a regular basis.  On a whim I researched my watercolor paint set to see if they were 'good'.  They are student grade but good for me for now.  Anyways my story is about how searching for reviews let me to a you tube urban sketch artist who is filled with tons of information. I have spent lots of time with him and have learned so much about paper and paints.  I haven't even scratched the surface of his video uploads.  This discovery has brought me so much happiness! There are days when I feel I've exhausted the internet and there's nothing left to see.  Then I find the perfect rabbit hole to jump into and explore.  I'm still critical of my sketching/painting and overall creativity.  I keep squelching those critical thoughts with positive ones.  'Look another page you competed!' 'You showed up and that's half the battle'.  etc.... Valentines ready to go

The Good Life

This is not my dog!  However, he is at the babysitting job and I do love him so and he loves me.  Whenever I arrive, he whines for me to let him out of his cage (which I do!).  I give him time to 'get his wiggles out' as he runs about looking for mischief. He is a Papillon and is a lap dog.  I definitely could be a lap dog in a previous life I think, sit and get petted, sounds great. The terrible twos seem to be giving way to wonderful threes (in April).  There are some temper tantrums but I give her lots of sympathy----'I know you are angry but let's think of something else instead'.  It works most of the time.  My little toddler girl that I babysit now has emerging imagination play and I'm all for that.  Our toy cows fly through the air and make friends with the toy pigs who fly as well.  We sing 'cockledoodledo' as long as we can and giggle over the tandem voices.  She dances and sings.  She also is funny.  I drank all of my hot tea and said it

Sunday Sweater and Coronet Hat

I'm excited to share with you two projects completed.  (Yes!  The needles are clicking away).  First off is the Coronet Hat that I quickly whipped up for the toddler because the wintry weather came sooner than later.  I got creative with the icords and the tassels because I thought it would add some uniqueness to the hat.  I want a hat for myself with tassels as well. Ravelry notes are here I know I'm late to be knitting Ginny's Sunday Sweater but better late than never, right?  I finally had a little girl to knit for.  This is the toddler's Christmas dress.  I loved the top down design and the button bands already incorporated into the knitting.  A lovely pattern that was a quick knit (compared to an adult sweater).  Ravelry notes are here What are you knitting or crafting this week?

Snowy Vistas

Hello!  Do you have snow?  How much?  We got about nine inches of snow that was not predicted.  It was supposed to be three inches.  Ahem.  Last night I was excited and thrilled! This morning around six a.m. I lost electricity (yes, again...) and my excitement for winter weather plummeted.  This time around the power company did not give any estimates of when the power would be restored.  The electricity came back on magically at 9:30 a.m. and I have my fingers crossed it stays on. My knitting has continued to make progress, I am waiting for the toddler sweater to dry so I can bury threads, sew on buttons and take some photos.  I overbought how much yarn I needed for the toddler sweater so I cast on a cowl for the toddler's mother (Frodo's dog groomer!).  It's looking quite nice! I've been itching to purchase some decadent yarn for me to start something nice.  I have loads of yarns at my fingertips but it's so much fun to window shop on th

Piggy Mitts and Another Cowl

oink oink  I am in love with the piggy mitts !  Who knew that knitting a teeny tiny mitten in the shape of a pig could give me endless joy.  I learn something new about myself every day.  These mitts were supposed to be a Christmas gift but I already gave them to her today.  Sadly, the toddler is a 2 year old and refused to put them on her hands when I gave them to her.  She did keep looking at them though.  I am sure when it's freezing cold outside, she will be wearing them faithfully.  Oh and I also found mitt clips on amazon so that they stay with her! oink oink I knit up this alpaca cowl using a pattern from my head, it's another Christmas gift.  For some reason, everyone is getting a cowl this year - and I have four more to make!  Gah! Do not be fooled - I love knitting cowls and I want to make one for me as well.  It's the perfect accessory for chilly weather. What are you crafting up today?