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future project not yet chosen

As you know, I've been sketching on a regular basis.  On a whim I researched my watercolor paint set to see if they were 'good'.  They are student grade but good for me for now.  Anyways my story is about how searching for reviews let me to a you tube urban sketch artist who is filled with tons of information.

I have spent lots of time with him and have learned so much about paper and paints.  I haven't even scratched the surface of his video uploads. 

This discovery has brought me so much happiness!

There are days when I feel I've exhausted the internet and there's nothing left to see.  Then I find the perfect rabbit hole to jump into and explore. 

I'm still critical of my sketching/painting and overall creativity.  I keep squelching those critical thoughts with positive ones.  'Look another page you competed!' 'You showed up and that's half the battle'.  etc....

Valentines ready to go
 Babysitting was challenging this week and that left me a bit battle weary.  The toddler is testing everyone including me.  Between the trying moments, I get hugs and she is sweet.  I was exhausted each day that I left to go home, too tired to do much else.

My son asked me what was my favorite age of childhood rearing.  I said the one the child was currently in.  I loved that children grew up and became independent with each birthday. 

So the high school age was better than the middler school age which was better than elementary school age which was better than preschool age which was better than toddlerhood which was better than an infant. 

When I went to babysit on Wednesday I did not have a small portable knitting project (gasp!).  I hope to fix this predicament and start something tomorrow or over the weekend for that grab and go feature. 

The sun graced us with his/her presence and visited for two hours until the clouds arrived.  We are heading for some chilly weather once more.  I'm okay with that, I'll be knitting and being happy!
I have a fantasy of finishing both sleeves and wearing my new sweater and claiming my short size five needle tips for a hat project that had to be put on hold temporarily.


  1. Some ages were more trying than others with my own kids, but each stage was wonderful in its own way and I would gladly relive all of them again (but I would also have to be 25-28 years younger to do that)! I'm anxious to see what your Amanda yarn becomes; it's beautiful!

  2. Sometimes I think being the parent of ADULT children is the hardest.

  3. oh my gosh - that yarn is absolutely gorgeous.
    i have my children in all stages of growing. it makes for an interesting day to say the very least.

  4. I’ve loved each stage. I worried though all of them and the worry hasn’t stopped. I know it never will. Your Amanda yarn is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you make. I have one skein of her yarn. I’ve been saving it for something special.

  5. Oh your new yarn is so very pretty!! Can't wait to see what it will become. I, like others, enjoyed all stages of raising our son, and I'm enjoying the fact that he is now an adult (though, like others, I still worry about him). Nice to hear that you're enjoying your sketching and finding some rabbit holes (lol). Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. While I would never wish my kids to stay in an age forever, I do miss the cuddly 3-5 year range when they were being good and loved to cuddle. The learning they were doing, the fun they would have playing, all of it was adorable. The tantrums, I can do without. LOL!

  7. Can't wait to see what your future project is. The yarn is beautiful. And those envelopes! Oh my, they are Gorgeous!

  8. I liked all growing up ages and stages but having adult daughters is really amazing! And yes, you need a portable project!

  9. I loved the baby blob first days and weeks. I love that blob stage.
    Oh yes, you must settle on a portable project. I Get really goofy when I have no project to work on. Really GOOFY!

  10. yikes, I need to get my Valentines ready to mail!!! and I must say, THIS is my favorite time of parenting. (especially when I get to spend one-on-one time with them).

  11. Any age under 12 years old were my favorite ages. If you are babysitting a lot maybe you could leave a small Project in the car or at their home. ~ Looks as though your fantasy of finished sleeves will come soon.

    1. I always bring one, I finished the small one earlier in the week and didn't have time to start the next one. I never forget knitting - ha ha ha!

  12. Love the new yarn. Am excited to see what project you start with it.

    I remember those "testing" periods in our kids lives. :) They can be exhausting. As a teacher, my favorite age was 4th graders because they were still interested in pleasing the teacher. Then I jumped to my next favorite age...high schoolers. I missed them most when I quit teaching. Looking forward to that sweater being modeled this coming week!

  13. I understand about the exhaustion. I really feel that way everyday as I work with kids with specail needs and fight traffic. Each new phase they are in seems magnified as they are often drug exposed on top of everything else going on with them. Have a great week.

  14. Love that new yarn and will be excited to see what you do with it. Hope this week you and "your "toddler have better days!

  15. I've liked each stage and wish I had more videos of the girls. I thought it would way easier with older kids and it is in most ways but oh boy have I been challenged and have had to be mama bear. My tween is more moody than her teenaged sister.

  16. Each stage of our children's life was fun. We had a few rocky years with one teen but what a wonderful adult he has become! I loved it all but I do recall how interesting it was to have college aged kids of various backgrounds sitting around the dinner table. And quick - find a portable project. I just about can't function without knitting in my purse. Even if I don't knit, I feel better just knowing it is there.


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