Snowy Vistas

Hello!  Do you have snow?  How much?  We got about nine inches of snow that was not predicted.  It was supposed to be three inches.  Ahem.  Last night I was excited and thrilled!

This morning around six a.m. I lost electricity (yes, again...) and my excitement for winter weather plummeted.  This time around the power company did not give any estimates of when the power would be restored. 

The electricity came back on magically at 9:30 a.m. and I have my fingers crossed it stays on.

My knitting has continued to make progress, I am waiting for the toddler sweater to dry so I can bury threads, sew on buttons and take some photos.  I overbought how much yarn I needed for the toddler sweater so I cast on a cowl for the toddler's mother (Frodo's dog groomer!).  It's looking quite nice!

I've been itching to purchase some decadent yarn for me to start something nice.  I have loads of yarns at my fingertips but it's so much fun to window shop on the internet.  I haven't decided on any purchases yet, I'm enjoying the hunt.

May you be warm and toasty inside, with lots of knitting in your lap to get you through the weather!


  1. Thanks for the encouraging winter words! IT is so gloomy out that I want it to snow. At least it is fresh and pretty when it snows. A matching cowl for the child's mom is an awesome idea. I plan to get clicking soon and keep up my mystery knit

  2. Nine inches and no power! I am glad that the power outage didn't last any longer, but it's better if it's not out at all. Wishing you a weekend full of warmth and electricity!

  3. No snow here...not even in the mountains. Although the ski slopes are opened with man made snow. (Not the same) Yarn shopping is so much fun. Doing ftom your easy chair....priceless.

  4. Whew! I am glad your electricity is on. Nine inches is quite a snow storm. We had a beautiful autumn day but the temperature is going to drop overnight. Tis the seasons. I sure like the texture in that purple cowl.

  5. We got just under 6" of slushy messy snow. We have a gravel driveway and it is looking more like an icy SWAMP right now.

    But, we are warm and cozy in the house with much knitting going on.

  6. Thankfully we have no snow although I have enjoyed browsing your snowy vistas. Its the loss of electricity that I do not enjoy. We are warm and cosy in our little cottage enjoying planning our break away.

  7. Snow/bad weather was forecast, it arrived very late - but we seemed to be on the low end of the inches scale. And, this morning weather in the 40's has pretty much vanished what little we had. I am glad your power was restored so quickly!

  8. That's just a tiny bit of snow, but it looks so cold and frosty. Hope your power stays on your knitting grows.

  9. Glad you got your power back. We were supposed to get a sprinkling of sleet in the early morning hours but as far as I could tell, it just rained. A Hard, cold rain! As excited as I am for Christmas and our first snow, I'm very, very thankful all that rain wasn't snow. I'm not mentally prepared for snow before Thanksgiving.

  10. What a picturesque environment you live in. I love that first photo of the ground shot. I like the looks of your knitting too.

  11. no snow here, but wish we had rain..we are so dry in cali..its just horrible with the fires going on and no rain in sight..i hope it comes soon..
    have a lovely weekend..

  12. No snow here, just a few days of lovely sunshine which was much appreciated! What are you knitting with the rose-colored yarn? I love the stitch pattern!


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