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This and That

  I've been reading a lot this week. I started 10% Happier by Dan Harris and it is really good. He writes about his personal journal into mindfulness and meditation, I've been captivated and squeezing in reading here and there during my day to gobble up the book. I highly recommend! I've been also reading a chapter a day/or every other day of Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn (revised edition), also a good book but jammed packed with lots of science and data so the reading is slow going - almost like a textbook but worth the read. The Madness of the Crowds by Louise Penny became available on my e-library loan request so I've set aside all the other novels to read this one in 21 days. Nothing like a deadline to make you rejigger your reading priorities. I love her writing and have read all of her books. I convinced myself that I did NOT need a Hobonichi Weeks planner until March 2022, then broke down and ordered the January start Hobonichi Weeks planner for 2022.

Do What You Love

Hello!  Can you believe that not only is it July but it's a hot and steamy beginnings of this month?  I'm wilting, no wait, I'm melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.  I would love Dorothy to come and throw a cold bucket of water on me.  Seriously though, if I could hug my air conditioning system I would.  Well most of our plants that we planted before our vacation have survived.  We have one butterfly bush that is trying desperately to die but we refuse to give up on it.  We have two columbine plants that are technically dead (!) but my husband insists that there might be growth deep down under.  I hope he is correct. During the past fall and spring when I was 'busy' with the gym three days a week and babysitting two full days, I was tempted to cut back on my three days a week of blogging.  I felt swamped and overwhelmed.  I felt something had to give in my days.  You see, on the days I babysit I could not do much else for the rest of the day becaus

Sliver of Reality

Good morning to you all, how are you?  I'm in the kitchen at the table with my computer and the rain has stopped for now.  Yesterday, the rain arrived shortly after lunch and kept on going.  My walking goals have been set aside because of my 'valid' excuses, it's raining or it's too muggy.  Frodo, my faithful walking buddy doesn't like hot or muggy weather either. I've been thinking about motivation  and inspiration towards writing and blogging consistently since Grace mentioned this in a comment on the last post.  First and foremost, I am a talker.  I talk all the time and if there is no one to listen to me, I talk to myself. Luckily I have Frodo, so my non-stop chatting has ears to capture my string of words. My inspirations ebb and flow like many of you.  I have times when I wonder what will I write about.  Magically, when I sit at the computer and upload my photos I find the words, I find a thought to expand on or I write about what is on

Summer Goals

Since arriving home from my beach vacation, I've spent the week playing catch up.  The days leading to the vacation, I prepared and gathered items that were needed.  Once we returned, I have to put everything back.  My house is almost tidy.  Of course the camera only shows you the tidy sections. I want to continue that vacation feeling through out the summer.  This morning I wrote down how I felt and reflected upon the large spans of time where I felt uninterrupted.  I know I sound silly but the media (me seeking the news feeds) really puts a damper on my focusing and productivity. Frodo in his thoughtful spot I was chatting with my sister (daily, on the phone) and she's looking forward to a week off from work and she's scheduling in peaceful activities to make sure she captures the vacation feeling during her stay-cation. You know, that is something I'm going to do as well!  As I say goodbye to the last day of June and welcome in July.  I'm writing

Writing Practices and Habits

always a black pen For many years I've established and kept a writing practice that I thought I'd share with you.  I wake up quite early, by choice around 5:15 a.m.  That is my time where I sit quietly in my kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee in my favorite mug and I write before the day begins.  I am a morning person and have been one since I was a child.  My best thinking is before 2 p.m., after that I'm toast. I keep a hard cover Moleskine journal without lines as my daily account of what has transpired the day before (since it's early!).  I write about what happened, the weather, what I was thinking or worrying about and maybe what I wished I was doing instead of wasting time. At the end of each daily entry, I write a gratitude list and focus on positive thoughts.  I see good around me in minute detail.  Writing a gratitude list is a saving grace for me and has served me well in my overall attitude on life. The red paperback moleskine is a writing prom