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I've been reading a lot this week. I started 10% Happier by Dan Harris and it is really good. He writes about his personal journal into mindfulness and meditation, I've been captivated and squeezing in reading here and there during my day to gobble up the book. I highly recommend! I've been also reading a chapter a day/or every other day of Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn (revised edition), also a good book but jammed packed with lots of science and data so the reading is slow going - almost like a textbook but worth the read.

The Madness of the Crowds by Louise Penny became available on my e-library loan request so I've set aside all the other novels to read this one in 21 days. Nothing like a deadline to make you rejigger your reading priorities. I love her writing and have read all of her books.

I convinced myself that I did NOT need a Hobonichi Weeks planner until March 2022, then broke down and ordered the January start Hobonichi Weeks planner for 2022. Life is short! I love ordering from JetPens  .  I enjoy receiving their weekly email newsletter just so I can window shop all the goodies. Along with the new planner, I ordered some Washi strips and some stationary paper and envelopes (hedgehogs!!). There is nothing like a new planner and writing down all the goals of what I'd like to focus on that are health-related as well as creative pursuits. This system keeps me motivated throughout the months and I can flip back and forth to see progress.

This shawl feels like it will never be done, so I've been focusing on it every single day in the high hopes it will magically be finished. I am itching to cast on some fall-ish knits but so far am reigning myself in (for now). I'm romantically imagining be done with this shawl and free to start some new stuff for me. Never mind that I also have holiday knitting and grand-baby knitting to get done.

That's it for what's been happening or not happening this week. I appreciate all of you readers and commenters who keep visiting this space. 


  1. Looks like your plate/life is full and that's a nice thing. That shawl may seem like it is taking forever, but it sure is gorgeous as are all the new things from JetPens - FUN!!! And Hedgehogs!!

  2. So many good things! I have been eyeing those planners from Jet Pens (they are so much fun!) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I had to unsubscribe from the JetPens newsletter because I was so tempted every week. Keep going on that shawl - you do have grandbaby knitting to cast on!

  4. Hi Karen,
    ...I think I'll add 10% Happier to my reading list...right now I'm finishing up A Brief History of Time and it's really good...and then I've got 50 Words for Rain from my it will be a while before I get to it...thanks for the recommendation...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Ok Karen, I have admired your journals for a few years now. I have looked at the Hobonichi journals and am so confused (not hard to do). Do you get the technology weeks mega or regular journal. Or do you get the A6 size. So many to choose from. Jetpens does a great job showing the differences but now I am overwhelmed. Can you help? They have some darling accessories too. TIA.

    1. I ordered hobonichi weeks. Not the hobonichi weeks mega (mega has more paper in the notes section)

    2. Thank you for the info. Excited to give them a try next year.

  6. The shawl is divine what a gorgeous creation. Not reading much at the moment but now the weather is changing I am sure I will settle into some evening reading.

  7. I know that shaw1 is going to dazz1e us!!
    Im a1ternating reading and podcast 1istening, and ba11 games.
    I have read Wherever You Go there you are. Fu11 catastrophic 1iving may be too much right now. Maybe in snippets. How to 1ive 1ike a monk is pretty good so far.

  8. I'm going to check out 10% Happier. I have the Podcast on my feed. I just recently listened to the audiobook of Louise Penny's Still Life, and I am a fan and will be reading more of her books. Hope you have a good weekend and I will see you again soon.

  9. I also ordered a Weeks this year. I have a few ideas on how I will use it. Maybe we can compare notes.

  10. I LOVE the Inspector Gamache books! Did I ever tell you that my daughter had a Three Pines themed wedding? It took place in a little in outside of Montreal. It helped that she married a Canadian. : ). I am going to order 10% Happier as soon as I post this note. I have gotten back into my meditation routine and am finding it really helps with my anxiety.

  11. Your new paper goodies are fun. And you are so right- Life is short. Keep stitching away on that beautiful shawl. Soon you will be through the black hole where you feel you will never make progress and then get a second wind for the finish. I need to put that new Louise Penny book on my library holds. By now I'll be way down the line but that's ok. I like something to look forward to.


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