Summer Goals

Since arriving home from my beach vacation, I've spent the week playing catch up.  The days leading to the vacation, I prepared and gathered items that were needed.  Once we returned, I have to put everything back.  My house is almost tidy.  Of course the camera only shows you the tidy sections.

I want to continue that vacation feeling through out the summer.  This morning I wrote down how I felt and reflected upon the large spans of time where I felt uninterrupted.  I know I sound silly but the media (me seeking the news feeds) really puts a damper on my focusing and productivity.

Frodo in his thoughtful spot

I was chatting with my sister (daily, on the phone) and she's looking forward to a week off from work and she's scheduling in peaceful activities to make sure she captures the vacation feeling during her stay-cation.

You know, that is something I'm going to do as well!  As I say goodbye to the last day of June and welcome in July.  I'm writing out some monthly, weekly and daily goals.  More fun - less work activities. Unless the work activities are fun.

So far, here's the list:

-read outside on the swing - do not bring the phone!
-lots of knitting and looking for some one-skein projects - maybe tackle some Christmas knitting
-sudoku puzzles (the pencil and paper kind- not virtual)
-flip through the cookbooks and find some different recipes
-a picnic, anywhere!
-a hike, anywhere!
-start my birdsong identification (I've been wanting to do this for a bit)
-sketching anything.  I have the notebook, the pencils - WHAT am I waiting for??
-pull out some needlepoint and do it
-make a smoothie (I've seen some delicious looking ones on instagram)
-read short stories
-expand my daily yoga practice with a few new-to-me poses

My sister will be visiting me in July and I'm sure we will come up with some more fun summer activities.  I'm excited and can't wait.

Our pool has sprung five leaks since we opened at the end of May, so we are getting a new pool liner.  The pool was already here when we bought the house in 2005 so we think the liner is about 13 years old.  That is really old!

Every day I listen to my husband report to me the amount of water lost (we taped a plastic ruler to inside the pool wall to measure).  We are adding water after he dives and patches the holes.  I'm looking forward to the day when we are not talking about the pool water level :)

Do you have a summer goal list?  I'd love to know what you have planned.


  1. I like your summer goals and attitude! I think my summer goal is to find balance - between work and play, reading and knitting, staying connected vs unplugging ... Summer is a busy work time for me, and the garden takes a lot of time, so I'm trying to carve out some "vacation" time by leaving the news behind. Part of that vacation feeling is being mentally on vacation from the stress. I bet you'll continue the feeling and hopefully lose the stress of discussing pool leaks soon!

  2. Great goals (and attitude). I stopped with the news some time ago. I just couldn't take any more...and I hear enough at work or from my husband and/or son. It's hard to find time for everything I want to do, but I'm relaxed about it and (like you), my plan is to have fun. Enjoy the long weekend -- hope the pool situation resolves sooner rather than later.

  3. That is a solid, good list of goals that cover everything from relaxation to self-growth.

  4. I agree about the news and online media interrupting my focus. My primary summer goal is to stop tracking everything. I have gotten into a spin about steps and water and food and it is stressing me. I am still planning to take my Fitbit on my trip but I won't be checking it online since I am not taking my iPad. We will see how I do.

  5. I love your list! and that adorable photo of Frodo in his thoughtful spot :-)

  6. I never make goals because I never keep them! I make lists, but really only for grocery shopping. But I guess my excel file of queued items might count. I list the items I want to make and have yarn for. Then I add things that come up and keep a record of the start/finish/yardage/recipient. But I don't stick to it like an absolute, more of a suggestion. As to summer, just slowing down, getting out to baseball games, swimming, or sitting in my swing are plans.

  7. I just crave uninterrupted time! It feeds my soul. But it's all too rare. Right now we have four aging parents and their needs are only getting greater. We do our best to help them and we want to do so, but it's hard to find enough quiet time!

  8. Finish painting the outside of the cottage, have a new roof put on the garage, finish the bathroom...the list goes on and on. Sadly this may be the first year that I may have to do some online Christmas shopping the refurbishments are taking priority.

  9. I don't think you sound silly about the media, I think it's spot on ! So my summer goal should be to cut down on that. And as a result I'd probably get some things done...

  10. Good luck with your pool! Our lists look very similar, but I will be waiting until the very end of July to start on mine, as I have two more weeks of work and then a week of (fun) travel. Hopefully, in August, we'll be able to extend our family! I hope to have my own little gray furry face peaking out at me. squeeeeee

  11. I love your goals. As it is July 1 I should write up a few. Let me think on this. Shawls seem to be my knit of choice this summer. I should keep weight lifting just a bit. I need to make more twiddle mitts .

  12. Your goal list sounds wonderful, and best of all, very doable.
    I actually did not have a goal list per se for the summer, but I've accomplished a lot. Definitely at the expense of keeping my blog up to date, but hopefully I'll get back to that soon. For right now, I just want to enjoy the summer, as ours is really quite short here.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. What an awesome list of goals for the summer!

  14. Oh I hope you can stick to your goals, I think your summer would be wonderful that way! I have started to only allow myself a couple of times a day to look at news feeds/social media, and it really helps. Enjoy accomplishing your goals. :-)

  15. I'm enjoying all of your pictures of your lovely home, Karen! I'm so sorry about the leaking pool water...hurray for a new liner!

  16. Oh I love your list! Summers for me are crazy busy at work so not much down time except early morning paddles with our kayaks. Enjoy!


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