Acorns and lists.....

I just had to post a picture of these little acorns I bought at the fiber festival.  Aren't they cute?  I will keep one for myself and the other will be for my sister.  She gets to pick which color she wants because I am the best sister ever!

I cannot believe that I have actually started to write out a Christmas List.  I always have great expectations of what I would like to knit for family members.  But then, sometimes I end up not liking the project, or the yarn or just the pressure of getting it done.  There is nothing like getting a notebook out to make the list full of promising ideas.

I did start a scarf for a gift yesterday but I do not know who it is for yet.  I just decided a simple double moss stitch would do.  I did not want the scarf to curl on the edges and I wanted both sides to look the same. I am enjoying this scarf project so far because the pattern is quite simple.

I have been working on the Tweed cardigan and have just started the ribbing of the body.  I also have made some progress on the Linen scarf but the progress is quite slow.....I am on size four needles and it just seems to take forever to do 401 stitches to get across! Maybe just working on it once in a while will make finish faster......or maybe not.


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