Spring Madness

Well maybe it is not spring madness yet but on Tuesday I was able to snap some photos of tiny evidence that spring is just right around the corner.  Yesterday we were given a couple inches of snow, then rain, then sleet, then rain  and then back to snow.  It was such a dark and dreary day.  We even had thunder and lightning around 6 p.m.  Crazy!  Yesterday was the perfect day to hibernate and knit.


  1. I love seeing buds. I can't wait for Summer. I'm not a Spring lover because we usually get so much wind and dirt here in northern New Mexico, but I do have to say that the tulips poking through the ground is definitely making me smile. Love your pictures! Oh, I added you to my friends on Ravelry. I'll have to post my finished Tea Leaves on Ginny's Knitalong next week. Have a great weekend!


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