Fringe Benefits

I think I have been really tired of all the rain we have had for the past week or so.  I think I have even complained about it, especially to my sister. However, on our walk down the dirt road (our favorite), my husband snapped these photos over the weekend.  I am amazed at all of the green we saw on our walk.  So I am done with any whining about the wet weather. The trees and bushes are sprouting their leaves a little more each day.  The air smells different and the sun feels warmer.  I love winter very much but I am ready for the next season.


  1. And I have been wishing for rain! Most of the rain just keeps missing us. Looks like you have a lovely place for a walk; dirt roads are the best.

  2. I'm beginning to see more and more green here, too, and it is so lovely. Your dirt road looks like a beautiful place to walk. We've been having a really wet spring where I live (eastern Massachusetts). I am really ready for warm, sunny days.


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