Sun Filled Day

Can you see it?  This is not only a picture of a tea set given to me by my mother in law, it is a picture of SUNSHINE!  I am so happy about this.  Yesterday, it rained all day and I tried to chant all the good things rain does for the environment.  But it just did not work, I was miserable by the time I returned home from grocery shopping and every single bag was wet wet wet!  After a nice lunch, I felt better and resigned myself to the dreary weather.  So this morning I was thrilled to see sun and it is super super sunny and bright.  Maybe the rainy weather makes us appreciate the beautiful perfect spring days?  I also noticed that the yard did look a lot greener :)  


  1. It seems lately that every time I go grocery shopping it rains. It rained here all day on Wednesday, too. It really was miserable and depressing. And, like you, I so appreciated the bright sunshine yesterday. I really like your photo--the light and the simplicity of the subject are lovely :-)


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