Walking on Water

The winter cover has been on the pool since last September and this crazy dog will walk across it, run across it and lay down and sunbath on it.  In this photo he is "hunting" the leaf covers that are shed in the spring by the maple trees.  I do believe he thinks they are bugs because they move around when he walks through the water.  Such a silly dog!  Right before this photo he jumped back in fear it was going to bite him.  


  1. That is too funny. One of my dogs it afraid of 'ghosties' that just might be outside, so every time she goes out and down the stairs she barks; drives me nuts!

  2. LOL! I've seen my cats run across the pool cover, but our big Buddy (90 lb. labrador retriever) wouldn't dare!

    Oh, I can't *wait* to open the pool! :-)


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