Whether the Weather.....

A whole bunch of thunderstorms came through last night and our table umbrella is lying on the pool cover!  So I thought I would post some pictures I took last week when it was chilly and spring was slowly evolving.  I couldn't resist putting a picture of Frodo in :)  He will be visiting his "beauty salon" tomorrow and will be a new man when I pick him up......oh and he will smell really really good.

The last photo is the duck pond at the bottom of my hill.  It belongs to someone else but I feel like it is mine.  Every day when you drive by it you always have to yield to the ducks and geese.  The ducks are pretty easy going but the geese act so insulted when they have to move.  I have not seen any babies yet but they are always in abundance through out the spring, summer and fall.


  1. Looks like you live in a beautiful spot. I would
    love to have a hill. I live where it is Flat. We are 3 feet above sea level.
    We are expecting storms this afternoon
    and I am hoping to not lose power. The
    wind as been pretty strong all night.

  2. Great photos, I love your fence!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. If Frodo is anything like Mia, he is gonna LOVE his new summer cut!

  4. Your Lilacs are further along than mine and your dog looks much nicer too!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. It must be so nice to have a duck pond so nearby. What a lovely location you live in. I can't wait until the lilacs bloom here--I love their fragrance. Frodo looks very handsome, even with his long locks :-)


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